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I have never in my life looked forward to doing something that could possibly make my alittle uncomfortable, so for the life of me I cannot understand my current yearning to run again.

I only completed run 1 of week 1 yesterday but I feel that I am going to love this programme over time.

I do alot of walking & went for my 5 mile walk this morning. Nothing knew for me the walking now. That's why I join Couch to 5k. Throughout the entire walk I was so desperate to run. I didn't however because today is a rest day. Also I can't run for very long at all either. But I just had that urge within that I wanted to run.

I must admit that I love this new determination and motivation that I'm feeling. Don't know where it's come from & I can't even tell you that I have a goal that I want to reach. All I know is that I'm enjoying getting back out there everyday exercising and I can't wait for the days when I can run for a good 30 minutes or so without stopping.

Roll on tomorrow..... run 2 of week 1.

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I am exactly the same - I walk the dog between 8 and 16 miles a day - it's great to know I can now run with him!

Donna79 this is wonderful to read, having the enthusiasm for it is half the battle. We sometimes see posts from folk who just don't find that and when they stick at the plan I'm always amazed, because I can't imagine sticking at something I dislike or at best just tolerate.

So you're being wise to avoid the temptation to run, take the rest and build slowly, I have a feeling your posts are going to be an inspiring read....

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Well and truly is a terrific feeling isn't it...?

Just keep it steady and enjoy each new run, each new week....and soon, you will be looking back at these early weeks from the Graduation podium:)

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Donna, it is a combination of a brilliant training plan, which stretches you and gives rewards in carefully programmed degrees, along with fundamental changes to your brain chemistry as a result of following the plan..........simples!

There is no hope for you now. You are irredeemably hooked and we look forward to you running for thirty minutes too. That's why we junkies hang about together.........we understand.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Well done on starting the plan Donna😊..yes its great and really works. The feeling you get after every session is priceless and your confidence grows with your stamina.

You will be able to run that 5k if you stick with the plan and have lots of fun getting there to.

Go you..onwards and upwards 😊x

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Well there's a goal worth acheiving right there, Donna - running for 30 mins! This programme is definately the way to achieve it. Follow the advice already given by those above and I'm sure you will continue to love it! Good luck!🙂🏃🏽‍♀️

Thank you all for your kind words.

I used to look people out there running while I was walking and feel really sad within. Sad because in my early days there wasn't a sport that I didn't play on a regular basis. But after becoming a Mum almost 21 years, my focus was on other things and sport went out the window.

But about 3-4 weeks ago I just got this urge to start exercising again. Mostly walking around a series of large fields.

I go to the fields everyday instead of walking on the road because I feel more confident and less embarrassed on the fields when I start sweating, rather than passing the public on the street.

Now when I see the runners, I no longer feel sad. I now think to myself, don't worry Donna it's just a matter of time!

Thanks again lovelies.x

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