Groin and bum cheek pain

I have had a groin pain after running that subsided but now had returned.

Not sure what what to do as iv just finished week 9 run 2 so I have one more run until I graduate. I’m so close!

Iv been running in trainers that iv had for 5 years and there are completely wrecked which I know might be the problem. So I’ve invested in some new running trainers 😀

I’m really hoping I haven’t injured myself because I seem to be getting this whenever I go running 🤔 I also get lower back pain too after running. Iv only had these pains since getting half way through the program.

Maybe I’m not stretching enough after running? Does anyone have any advice? Xx p.s just thought I might add that I had a baby 14months ago and suffered bad with pelvic pain through my pregnancy x


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  • I've had bum cheek pain in the past and it was agony! I got it after running far too fast with no warmup at all, on an uneven surface, in non-running trainers, when I was only used to running on a treadmill. It was so bad I could hardly walk the next day. I Googled it at the time and "runner's bum" is a real thing. It's caused by a small, deep muscle in the cheek of the bottom.

    I can't remember how I got rid of it, or eased it, but I suspect that was about the time I gave up going to the gym in favour of doing no exercise at all for a while.

    Hope your bottom gets better soon ;-)

  • Thankyou x

  • Shoes definitely will impact in many areas. Stretching after every run is essential and on rest days too.. alongside other non impact exercise:)

    What exercises did you do after small one was born ? They could still be useful now :)

  • Thanks so much for the info xx

  • I had lower leg pain for weeks 5-7 and was advised to go and have my gait analysis done. I did and had a two week break from any impact exercise (just did rowing and cross trainer but no running or treadmill) I bought some trainers that were recommended for my gait and then after worrying I’d not be able to graduate the course I did it and never looked back. I have also suffered from sciatic pain which is the trapping of a nerve in the lower back and can cause pain in your bum and groin (I know women suffer with it during pregnancy too) and again the right trainers are worth every penny if this is your problem. My advice would be rest from running - do stretches and other exercises- get some good trainers right for your gait - then you’ll finish without pain and go on to enjoy it. Any good running shop will offer gait analysis and recommend the right type of trainers for your running. It might be a little naughty but once you have the information you can shop around to get the trainers at the best price! Hope that helps.

  • I get similar problems after running, my lower back and right bum cheek is very painful. My Physio says it’s caused by inflammation in my Sacroiliac joint. It may also be aggravated by weak abdominal muscles so I’m trying to work on that. I’ve just purchased a Sacroiliac abdominal belt from Amazon to wear whilst running, apparently it supports the weak muscles and holds everything in the correct position.

  • I have the park run on Saturday and really want to do it but now I’m wondering weather to rest or not x

  • Rest and feel better.. the runs will still be there:)

  • Thankyou xx

  • Got to take care of you all :) x

  • I suffered from something similar (pain in bum cheek which radiated to hip). This stretch really helps:

    I do this gently before a run, and directly after a run, and very gently twice a day in non-run days. It has helped a lot. I rested for a good few days too, when it first started. It still flares up a little now, but has vastly improved.

    Do see your GP if it doesn't improve with rest and targeted stretching, though. Hope you are on the mend soon, Megzy. I know how frustrating it can be!

    Sadie-runs x

  • You’ve had some good advice here which I can only echo. Definitely check out some running shoes if you can. It’s also worth working on strength and core on your non running days if you can fit it in (I’m guessing life with a 14month old doesn’t give you too much free time 😀).

    I hope after some rest you can get this sorted out, and don’t worry about Parkrun, there’ll be plenty more opportunities for that.

  • Thanks everybody xx

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