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Week 7 Run 2

Dilemma .... to run or not to run ...

Not feeling great today, headache achy and a bit off colour, working but ... shall I run or leave it a day? I don't want to leave it really however if it's hard work (it is hard work), I'll be disappointed if I don't make the course today - maybe I'll just push through . I've felt this way in the programme once or twice but managed to make my own mind up !

🤔. Any tips please?

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See LJB74 's post below....It's obviously that time of year :(


I personally would NEVER run when I'm not feeling well. For me it tends to exacerbate the feeling of 'poorlyness'. I had a two week break recently because of illness and soon got back into it by repeating a couple of runs.

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I am a great believer in not running if feeling below par. I like to enjoy my runs and know from experience that if I am not well it is likely to feel like a slog. It also takes longer to recover enough to carry out strenuous physical exercise, as opposed to normal daily life.

There is no rush, so my advice is give yourself a break and come back when well and truly better.


Thank you for your thoughts and advice. I decided not to go out in the end, I may just feel good tomorrow and do the run justice 😊.


Rest relax and feel better.. the runs will still be there:)


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