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Wk 4 repeat - maybe something is happening after all ;)

I decided to repeat wk 4 yesterday instead of moving to wk 5, because I have a killer day today and didn't want to be exhausted in the midst of it. Full work day, 3-hr BSL class, then 4-hr drive to Cambridge, arriving at 1am. Urgh.

So I squeezed in my run by the River Taff just before picking up my son from school (this is the first time ever I've turned up at the school gates in workout clothes!) and it was ...easy as pie! So much easier than last week. Watching the ducks on the water and passing lots of happy dogs on their walks helped too.

So far, I feel like I can tackle today. Just have to remind myself of that in 16 hours time! Happy running, everyone!

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You can handle today. Just take care of yourself!


Okay, well done, lesson learned.............move on next time.

You are doing great.

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Week 5 is getting impatient.... you're ready for him now!


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