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My first couch to 5K!

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Well I have done my first session of couch to 5K! I have to admit I wasn't able to complete all the runs, but I did 4 of them! The ones I couldn't run,I just briskly walked! I know it's not as good as being able to run them all, but I am a totally beginner and hopefully it's better than nothing!!

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I think you did fab !!! i think it counts as long as your doing more than a walk like the app says as long as you ca hold a conversation is enough :)

i'm trying to do all the research i can on this as would really love to start running ( not done any running since cross country in high school >.<)

I just need to get out there and do the first one !! im so nervous as im a big girl and a big chest ......

But mega well done on completing the first one x

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mrssmiff in reply to Shuffy13

Thank you! I had the horrible feeling of 'I can't do it' sweep over me, but I kept going and ran when I could! I can only build on it! I've got a long journey ahead, but everyone has to start somewhere xx

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Shuffy13 in reply to mrssmiff

they do indeed and you have begun yours :D

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to mrssmiff

Try to lose that feeling...the way to approach this,is to trust the programme and have faith in yourself.🙂

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just slow this stage...just relax.

There is so much to think about...just go slower than you can imagine. The runs should be faster than a walk..but only need to be just looking at you.on the other side of a hedge should know you are running..🙂

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mrssmiff in reply to Oldfloss

That's a fab way of looking at it thank you!! Will be thinking of that when I do the next one on Wednesday xx

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Well done and you've done the hard part by starting the program. Pat yourself on the back as you achieved 4 out of 5 runs. Take the upcoming runs slow and steady and I bet you'll run all 5 next time!!

Keep us posted on your progress 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Welcome to Couch to 5k and this great forum. I hope you get as much out of both of them as I have over the last couple of months. Sounds like you did great to me for your first outing.

There are many, many people on here who have started this programme as total beginners - me being one of them too - and we've trusted the programme and progressed each week BUT with no pressure. You can only do what you can do and you may even surprise yourself. I'm on week 9 and I remember week 1 being exhausting. Never, ever EVER did I think I'd find the stamina to get this far. Many people on here will tell you similar stories.

We're a lovely bunch on this forum (even if I do say so myself!) and we're with you every step of the way on your journey.

Well done for getting off the couch and making a start - that's the hard part over with :)

Keep us posted on your progress :)

Thank you for your lovely words and this group is amazing!! I will keep going and pushing myself! X

Good luck mrssmiff, nice and slow and steady. 😊

Any effort is better than none. Frankly kicking the couch is a great step and you will get to do the 8 runs when you are able. Try it again as you plan and see how you get on, you will probably surprise yourself....

you did the hardest bit, the rest is just progression...

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