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Blowing a storm

I don't usually write on here but I have been reading all your comments every now and then. I actually finished the couch to 5k a couple of weeks ago. But there has been more than one occasion today being one if then where I have been awake ready to get up but then I have heard the wind and the rain and so have turned my alarm clock on for another 1/2 hour and abandoned my run. The mornings are best for me as I work fulltime and the evenings are usually busy.. This doesn't prevent me from feeling guilty all day though. Does anyone else feel and do the same

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If I have to change my run days I am irritable all day, so you aren't alone.


If you really can't do the run then be forgiving to yourself :)

However if you are making excuses not to go, then I think you need to have a word with yourself :) I can always find a million reasons not to go but tell myself I have no choice!

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Having to miss a run can be horrid.. but there are plenty of things to occupy us. I up my core strength exercise a tad and maybe put in some extra flex work too :)

Get the map out and plan a few new routes too maybe :)

Sadly... or rather naughtily.... I often find a bit of online running retail therapy helps too :)


Barbs, first off you should get your graduate bling on your name, you did the time, so claim your prize.

I did my very first bucket run yesterday having waited an hour and then decided just to go out anyway. And other than tempering pace to allow for slipping on slidy tarmac it was glorious, rather unexpectedly. In fact I ran my furthest distance ever.

I made sure I had a towel just inside the door and one steaming shower later felt fab.

It was my guilt inducing trick of leaving my kit out where I could see it that worked for me. But if it was scary weather then stay warm and safe and take the old floss route...

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Thanks for all your comments, I know I really need to bite the bullet and get out there and run in the wind and the rain. This is not the first time I have not gone because I didn't like the sound of the weather. I really was going to make an effort today but it sounded so much worse. I must admit I never thought of still getting up at the same time and doing something else. I do have boot camp tonight so maybe I can exhonerate myself, however I ran last Monday and went to Bootcamp later. I will get the graduate sticker put on when I figure it out.


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