Blowing my own

So today was W3R2

I decided a change of scene was needed as I have been creating crop circles on my village green.

I found my "change direction" approach to accompany Laura's instructions has really focussed me on the targets. So if I brisk walk the time from swings to bench

a) can I make it back there

b) how far beyond on the jog time

it's like a mind game and I'm sure the resulting tracks in the grass have puzzled the dog walkers!

So today I chose the local canal, well the towpath :) chuckled at the "Go Dead Slow" sign at the start of my 3 min jog, surprised myself how great I felt on completion, and headed off to thrash my way through a 45 mins aquarobics class ... refuelled with a banana and cherry juice ... before cutting the lawn at home ... tomorrow I shall have to wear my pants over my leggings for sure

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  • Wow...that cherry juice must be good! Well done! And i think i need to carry one of those signs around with me :)

  • technophobe that I am, sorry your reply has posted as a comment :$

  • sure does what it says on the carton itsallanadventure :) & will take a photo of sign next time I'm there to post here if I can work out how

  • LOL loved the crop circles. Hope the aquaerobics was in a pool and not the canal!?! :)

  • Can't resist a "thanks Oldgirl" but where to go next?

  • Where oh where did my crop circles go? Sadly they have been obliterated by hooves ... maybe I should look to the Nazca lines for inspiration as I progress to longer runs, who knows what they'd attract to use the Village Green ?

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