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Is anyone else having trouble finding a running group to run with during the winter months? There seem to be two clubs in my area (a bit out in the sticks) - one of which I emailed 3/4 weeks ago enquiring about a running group, but they haven't found the time to reply yet. The other club replied very quickly, but they are currently training for the local half marathon at the end of October - so waaaaaay beyond my range and speed, they will be starting another group, but that won't be until January and then it will be a beginners group.

What's a girl (ok, older woman) supposed to do? Well, I emailed back and said add me to the list starting in January, but that wasn't it a shame that there was no facility for the older, less serious runner who was wasn't interested in half-marathons and really only ran for fitness. He responded by inviting me on Tuesday to a 3 mile run with his 'old runners who may not have run for some time to a "welcome back" session', they will be running at a 'conversational' pace. Hmm, I wonder what is a conversational pace for a lapsed half-marathoner?

Of course, I have got to go! Scary!!


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10 Replies

  • Of course you have to go Markee I joined a new jogscotland group for beginers or those who were returning to run after injury. 2 of the girls had previously ran marathons but had had injuries. The leader kept the pace to suit us beginners and never once have did I feel pressured by the ' faster' ones. This was also the first time I had chatted and ran - although my conversation usually goes something like '' what have you been puff puff up to this puff puff weekend " I was really nervous beforehand but it was one of the best things I have done. Apart from meeting new friends my running has improved too! Our leader is great - encouraging, full of useful tips, and just seems to know how far he can stretch everyone. I hope you land as lucky with your group.

  • Thanks for your reply Fitfor60. Very encouraging! I am very nervous, but have said I will go.

    My conversation will be more like "gasp, yes" and "gasp, no". The guy I have been emailing seems very nice - encouraging and he said I had been doing all the right things (running wise).

    Just hope I am as lucky as you!

  • Your guy sounds just fine I think it did help my nerves that I had been in touch and told leader how nervous I felt . When's your first run with the group ?

  • This Tuesday, but I'm not sure if it will be a regular run or if it is just a one-off.

    Presumably, he has invited them back in the hope that they will start running again with the club.

  • Let us know how you get on

  • I will!

  • Hope it works out well for you, if you find the right group it can be a real boost. Conversational pace is different for different people but you've let him know where you are at, and even if you did happen to be the slowest then he will probably run with you (that's how it works at ours) - all the best, and do let us know how it goes. Oh and don't be put off by HM, plenty of people run HMs but don't necessarily run them fast.

  • That is reassuring notbad. You are probably right about the half marathon runners, especially as it is only our local half marathon, no real elite runners.

  • You have to go off course! I have the opposite problem that the local running group run at times that don't work for us, but knowing lots of the members means they are always inviting us along!

    We did find them running one of their 5k's while we were near the end of our 10k. They didn't know how far we had just come but we're just as supportive of us as to each other. The more accomplished runners kept going back to the slower ones and even gee'd me up when I flagged!

    I hope your group is as nice as that one!

  • Thanks for replying! He emailed to say that we would be running 3 miles and that he expected that would take 40/45 minutes - so do-able for me. No need to worry unduly.

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