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First independent run

Well this is my first post as a graduate (love the status) I tried to run independently but after a couple of minutes I gave in and went back to Jo on week 9 and decided I would increase my speed which hopefully will increase my distance , :) I also will try week 1 again and slow jog when I am supposed to walk and sprint when I am supposed to run - and weigh up the options -happy running everyone :)

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Heartless that's brilliant that you've gone solo, it is scary isn't it. Grown up graduate at big girls school. You have a very cunning plan.


I think every one of us spent a while trying to figure out ,"what now ?" when we graduated :)

Enjoy and "run for fun" while you find if it's speed or distance or whatever :)

And Congratulations again - glad you are here with us :)


Super duper x


A few runs for pure joy are fine.... I took out my favourite sings or ran naked...and then the consolidation runs too, take over...:)

30 minute practices , longer runs and shorter runs too... :) Building up those legs... :)

I think a few of us missed Laura and were glad, after the consolidation weeks, to try C25K+ podcasts.. which take you on and help with the discipline in our running....

You will settle into a running rhythm and decide where you want those running legs to take you next!

Try not to neglect strength training and stamina exercise on rest days too.. the rest of you needs to keep up with the legs:)

Well done :)


We will be here to advise and support.. the Graduates have lots of suggestions.. :)


Nicely done, a few consolidation runs now


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