First run!

Hi all.

Just completed my first run of the first week! Legs are knackered and my feet hurt a small bit but I persevered and completed it.

Hopefully in 9 week times when I go on holiday I will be running 5k with ease.

Note to self: get iPod arm carrier, having it jiggle about in my pocket was so annoying.

Good luck fellow couch potatoes!


7 Replies

  • Well Done! I started 2 weeks ago and have just finished week 2 today. Have surprised myself but along with the rest of the bloggers on here, am hooked! Keep at it!

  • Well done Jack. Keep at it, you can do it.

  • Hi Jack, welcome to the forum and well done on W1R1- in some ways it's the hardest one! This forum is brilliant, I'm really glad I found it- you'll find lots of help and support here. Enjoy W1R2!

  • Welcome to the forum and C25K. As Cazvs says, you have done the hardest bit by starting. Keep running and blogging.

  • Welcome! You will be amazed at your progress from run to run! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks for the support! I'll probs do a small blog every two weeks or so, trying to study aswell.

  • Well done for starting, and welcome to the world of aching legs ;-) you will be stunned at how quickly you will improve. Good luck with your next run :-)

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