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Park run number 2 and a medal :)

Took part in the local jubilee park run this morning. It was a real sight with lots of the runners dressed in red white and blue costume including a man in a morph suit - a sort of all in one stretch jumpsuit which covered his entire head and body...brave man running in that!!!!

I was offered a flag to wave as I was running but declined. It's hard enough to run anyway without waving a flag!

Anyway, finished with no walking in a time of 38 minutes which was better than last time and best of all....we got a jubilee medal :)

Quite getting into these park runs. If you haven't done one....try it!

My dream is to do one sub 30 mins...

Anyone else do one today?

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well done on improving your time! slightly jealous of your medal!!!

I too have the dream / ambition of breaking the 30 min barrier....a little way to go yet but I will get there one day!


Yes one day...I can't quite see how at the moment but am hoping that the new podcasts will help when they come out. At least I didn't stop to walk which a lot in front did.

Strange but I now feel sort of resigned to the fact that I have to keep running and just get on with it. Stopping isn't an option. It is so hard though.....


Yup! I run all the way too and see people ahead of me doing some walking :( We will get there eventually just need to remember how far we've come already!


awww I want a medal! :(

Well done you, what a great time! I too want to be a sub 30 minutes..... 1 day soon it will happen!

I've spent 2 days trying to conquer 1 hill where we do our parkrun, I used to be able to do it running, until I was off with my injured knee and now I can't get up it without walking for a few seconds. This is no short sharp incline, its half a mile of a steady inclince of 72 feet.... its a b**** to run up. After several tantrums this morning (threw my earphones and ripped off the armband , welled up and gave the why can't I do it? speech, sort of tantrums) and hubby giving me a good telling off and telling me I do bigger hills elsewhere without such fuss, I did it!!!! This weeks parkrun will see me completing that hill running..... all the way!!!

Why does our head tell us we can't when we know we can? and why they bloody hell do I listen to this voice saying I can't? I live at the top of a huge hill and that incline I can do without breaking a sweat (slight exageration, I can't leave the house in my trainers without breaking a sweat), but I couldn't do this hill!


Well done you! And a medal too, that's brilliant :)


Looking forward to a photo of you in the morph suit one day ;)


Ha ha I don't think so somehow! Not with my great big fat a**e!

The thing was that no one seemed to know who he was :)

Maybe if I lost 2 stone.....


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