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Still Smiling

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Yesterday was the awesome , in many ways and I am still smiling - I love having graduate beside my name - and I must have impressed my daughters and hubby for sticking to something ( first time for everything) as they took me by surprise and bought me a beautiful keepsake, a charm for my Pandora bracelet which I can treasure for always - :) Thank you to each and everyone of you - love reading your posts and love the inspiration of this forum :) Happy Running Everyone x

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How lovely of them, and what an inspired choice! So nice to carry around with you a memento of your achievement.

Yes I have a lovely family - they is as much shock as me at my dedication and motivation - :)

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That has caused a strange prickling in my eyes - can't think why.

What a lovely family you have.

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Heartlesstroll in reply to sheps

Yes I agree I have a lovely family - think they still in shock I have actually said I am going to do something and I have - I usually start something full steam ahead then give up :)

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So lovely!

Thank you :)

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What a lovely gesture! Now, how to casually leave my laptop open at this picture ....... :)

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Heartlesstroll in reply to Jeani

Lol thank you :)

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What a pretty bracelet and so special... and huge well done too :)

Yes it is very special - thank you :)

That's a lovely present; they must be very proud of you :)

Think they proud of my dedication and sticking to something lol :)

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Ah that is fab!! Hair lovely of them. I know what you mean..I am amazed I am sticking with it so far.!

Thank you , keep going you are nearly there :)

Thank you :)

How lovely-many congratulations

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That is just perfect! I have just had a little snuffle... very, very touching! Lovely family!

awww thank you oldfloss :)

rolysmate profile image

What a lovely graduation present

It is I love it feel very proud and honored to wear it :)

Yes mate keep that smile... that's a super gift 😀

thank you :)

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What a kind thought.

Yes it was thank you :)

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