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New here

Just started running, and completed week 6, had a gluten strain, hoping to start week 7 this week. i love the support and inspiration of everyone on here. First i want to get sub 35min for 5k then when i graduate, am thinking of training up to 10k. Not quite sure it's me typing this, what has happen d to me! Done my first Park Run and want to do these regularly. Need the community and support here, it really makes a difference.

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Very well done.... but firstly.. stop thinking about distance or speed!

You have come this far and you will get to Graduation wonderfully!

Just take each run, particularly, as the runs get longer, slowly and steadily.. relax into them, fins your happy pace and enjoy.... distance and speed, if you wish them may follow, with continued work on strength and stamina also :)

This is a great programme and a fabulous addiction.... enjoy the journey :)


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