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Thought I'd say hi but the way I'm feeling right now it may just be a brief one. I've never run before and if I'm being totally honest I don't remember the last time I did any real exercise. I'm 37, obese and permanently exhausted as I have 2 toddlers and 1 still doesn't sleep well. I have been trying to get motivated to do something for a while and over the weekend I finally got some inspiration from my sister so here I am. I have just completed my first 'run' and I'm now laid on the sofa wondering if I will ever be able to move again. I desperately want to get fit so I can run around with my kids for more than a few minutes but I'm really not sure I'm going to make day 2 of this. Could do with any tips to stay motivated?

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You've done it! The first run is always the most difficult . Keep coming back here - and read a lot of posts.... you are not alone ! , I had to stop running because of a knee problem, got terribly unfit - put back weight (it does not help that I bake cakes for a living) and then one day, a few weeks ago, broke into a 'run' (if you check my older posts, there may be one with a t-shirt that shows my way of running!) so last Monday I decided to give it a go - done run 2 today, and got my 'happier than ever' feeling back!

Go slow, really slow - when you run try to go even slower than your brisk walking pace - it is not easy and feels quite unnatural, but it works.

Have a good rest tomorrow, and let us know how run 2 goes!!

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Thank you. I smiled about making cakes for a living, I've recently found out I have quite a talent for baking! It doesn't help 😂


Well, day two is pretty easy... it’s a rest day!

Welcome to the programme. First, we have older people around here who have got themselves through this with no running since school either. We have plenty of people who at least started this journey in the obese category. So there’s no reason you can’t get through this.

You got past run one... that’s one of the hardest as you had to decide to do it, and probably had to, as many of us have, dig deep and push through it. Congratulations!

Some aches and pains are normal right now and in the morning. These are your body repairing and building up. Your legs will become more efficient and stronger each time you run and rest.

None of these runs are races. Slow and steady is better than too fast. The biggest thing you can do now is get your head on this. If there’s a voice in there saying you can’t do this, tell it to shut up. Trust the programme and believe in yourself. You’re a strong woman who can do anything.

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Thank you x

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No problem. For exhaustion, exercise actually helps, strangely. Maybe look at an app like headspace to help sleep before that little one wakes you. Drink water, at least two litres sipped daily, drinking it fast tends to go straight through. Also soon a little fuel an hour or so before you run, but not too much. Ask about that in a couple of weeks. People here are wonderfully supportive, and we have you. Enjoy the rest day and run the next.

Hi Rhymo

This is what you have written :-

I desperately want to get fit so I can run around with my kids for more than a few minutes

So Run 1 you started that effort, yes it hurts and it probably has shown you how unfit you’ve become - but hey who wouldn’t with toddlers and all the work you have to do. But you know what we’ve had in these pages - the obese, unfit, smokers, injured, mentally frail, folk who are in their 80s and beyond and pretty much most of them started and finished the running journey that you’ve just started. But sometimes the best things in life have to be worked at - and just how precious would those moments be with your children, when you have energy and can run with them too?

Don’t put yourself under a lot of pressure to look beyond the next run - that can be self defeating and add to the thoughts of hopelessness. Also please, please, please don’t get hung up on the 5k number or the 9 weeks. Plenty of us took longer than 9 weeks and didn't do 5k until we were more seasoned runners.

Give yourself a big hug and take a well earned smile, you’ve done something really positive - you got your bum off the couch and got out there - loads of folk never even do that, so take a day of rest and see if you can enjoy Run 2. Sometimes love takes time, and running is one of those that for some is like an instant boom, for others it's a slow burn, and for loads of us on here it was a ‘wtf’ have I done moment.

Tips for keeping motivated and going:-

post on here, it does help,

perhaps find a virtual running buddy on here who has started the same time as you - I’ve still got and am in touch with my fellow graduates, who 1 year on provide me with as much help and support as I needed back in W1

Give yourself little treats post run - not the food or drinking type though! - for me it is a special shower gel that I’m only allowed to use once my target run is done

Keep going slow, there isn’t a slow enough pace - this helps keep the gremlins at bay - going too fast can often make you feel dreadful

Watch out for the posts from the mentors and admins - they are without exception wonderful people and have a wealth of experience to help/support us all.

Finally, why not ask your toddlers how much they’d like you to run and play a lot - their answers will probably be all the spur you need.

Good luck and blooming well done for having a go and also posting on here.

I do hope you have happy run next time out :)

p.s. did you know just by going out on Run 1, you’ve started being a runner?

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Thank you x


Well done Rhymo!! It’s a challenge to find a way to carve out time for yourself and you’ve done that!! That’s brilliant! I would just look at it as commiting this one thing being for you. 30 mins out of 24 hours in a day is you time. I think that’s well deserved. All you need to do is take this time for you and enjoy it. It’s all about going slow and you’ll find that you’ve done everything you need to do the next run and the next and so on! The first run is a challenge, but you’re off the couch (and you may not get much time on it anyway) and you’re out the door! It soon turns into an amazing feeling. Enjoy this one thing that’s entirely for you!! Well done!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ❤️


Welcome Rhymo, you've started so you will finish, you'll be amazed how good C25k will make you feel. You've got some brilliant advice and support here, keep coming back. Well done you for getting off the couch 🙂🌻


Hi Rhymo Well done on starting the programme!! I found it hard to believe I could do it but I did and C25k helped me to be able to run around a flower bed at a posh stately home High 5ing my 4 year old Grandson who was running in the opposite direction laughing and giggling ( him and me) It wasn't until we had finished that we noticed that a group of people had gathered and were watching us enjoying ourselves. They were all smiling too. I had never been 'sporty' or run but at 61 it shows that it IS possible to learn to run and that the ability to run is priceless. Stick at it !!!!! D

Welcome Rhymo! This forum is great for motivation - keep posting about how you're getting on.

Everyone here wants you to do well.

It took me a few weeks to believe the advice that the key is to run slowly. If you don't then you feel awful and that is demotivating.

I'm in W9 and run about 25% slower than I did in weeks 1 and 2. And I enjoy it about 1000% more!

The programme is incredibly well thought out so you can trust it. Expect good runs and bad runs over the weeks to come. And some aches and pains as your body responds to the exercise! But stick with it, ask for support here and you will get there!

Well done for starting! I think it is important to hold on to the reason you made that decision and what Jancanrun said is spot on. Everyone finds it really hard to begin with but it is only 90 minutes a week - to achieve being able to run around with your kids. You need some ‘me’ time with young kids and you can feel guilty about trying to carve that out of a gruelling day. But if you stick to c25k it’s a double benefit! You are going to feel sooooo much better and your kids will have an energised and happy mum!

I didn’t do any formal exercise since leaving school until i started c25k. It’s made an amazing difference both mentally and physically for me. I’m 60 and if i can do it you can!

The biggest challenge i had was the little voice in my head saying it was too hard, that i couldn’t do it, it was too much effort, i was too tired.... you have too force yourself to ignore that voice and just do it.

We’re rooting for you!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give such good advice. I have read and reread it all a few times through the last week and I have stuck with it. I have finished week 1 today and am feeling quite proud of myself. I couldn't get out to do it yesterday due to a headache and I felt awful and couldn't wait to do it today. I'm no runner yet, feel like I just bounce along lol, but I do feel like theirs potential in this for me which I don't think I've ever really felt about exercise before. I've also been doing a couple of exercises each day and on my rest days I've started doing a dance workout. I never thought I would enjoy running and it's just inspired me to do more. I know one week isn't a long time and there will be weeks that aren't so good and I feel like quitting but it's still a huge achievement for me and I'm looking forward to week 2 :)

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