Week 5 Run 2 to run 3...any advice??

Completed this run today and it was tough going but not as tough as I thought! My breathing isn't as laboured any more and my recovery time has improved incredibly. Although I feel it's a little overshadowed by the impending run 3. I'm thinking that maybe the jump between run 2 and 3 is too much. How did other people find this jump and any tips???


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7 Replies

  • As long as you keep your pace slow and steady, you'll be fine. i was pleasantly surprised, so just give it a go I think :)

  • I just did it today! And it was great. I felt the same way as you and woke up this morning thinking "Really? Eight to twenty min??" But I decided to stop thinking anything even mildly negative and went to the gym determined. I did slow down from my usual pace just in case. To be honest, I probaly could have gone faster but wanted a "win" as I worried what it would do to me mentally if I didn't make it. If you have managed thus far, I think you will be just fine. Slow and steady :)

  • Slow and steady is the key and honestly the thought of it is worse than the doing. Good luck :)

  • You are no different to any of us, I kept waking in the night before mine, worrying if I would manage it, just don't go too fast and you will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck

  • There are people on this forum who just could not believe they could manage the twenty minutes. I mean, its crazy how can you go from running two sets of ten minutes with a nice long walking period with a straight twenty minutes.

    But loads of us did it.

    Keep repeating to yourself - your body is ready, it's your mind that thinks you cant do it.

  • I was scared at first and I knew I could not run on Laura's music. So I downloaded a few songs on Itunes so that it would match the 20 minutes run. I ended up with a playlist that would last me 21,7 minutes. I decided I would just go for it and run 1,7 min extra.

    The first 5 minutes were very hard. I wanted to give up but I didn't. I listened to the music, sang along and after a while I realised I was already half way trough. The last song on my Ipod was the Pokémon intro which is really good to run on ;).

    You can do this. The 20 minute run is all in your mind. Your legs, your stamina and endurance are all ready for it. You trained hard and after the 20 minute run you will feel great!

  • haha amazing! I used to cycle to pokemon intro!

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