Falling pine cones are hazardous 🌲

Falling pine cones are hazardous 🌲

Well, as the photo suggests I have completed WK4 but it wasn't without incidents!!

Firstly, I had a very lovely but muddy hug from a dog 🐢 in the middle of my first cool down walk and almost missed Mr Smooth telling me it was time to run again!! My clean running gear is now wet, muddy and covered in doggy prints 🐾🐾 but I managed to carry on with my running.

Secondly, falling pine cones!! I personally think the carnivorous squirrels that I met last week have become sadists!! I swear to god they were in the trees as I was running, waiting for me to get to them just so they could bombard me!! Alright, alright, it was only 3 pine cones but come on squirrels, you've had your fun 🀣🀣

So all in all an eventful end to WK4 but an end none the less. Week 5 I hope you're ready because I'm coming for you!!!


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  • Well done Kim, going really well.

  • Thanks Martin.

  • Carnivorous shotputting squirrels. Who knew? And Mr Smooth even in his Olympian splendour has no hints for dealing with those...

  • I think the squirrels would've taken even Mr Smooth by surprise!!

  • Well done you.. Dogs... squirrels... what next! But.. you are a runner and can avoid them as you progress onward!

  • Thanks. I'm starting to believe that I am a runner too and it's all with loads of encouragement from this forum xx

  • Ha ha! Funnily enough, I had a squirrel scare this morning. One jumped right out in front of me, and as I hadn't seen its approach, i let out an involuntary yelp. Then felt silly, as it was just a squirrel after all. 🐿 But little idiot took me by surprise.

  • Must be the week for squirrels. I'm slightly worried about what I'm going to face next week as I run through a country park so deer 🦌 could be on the cards!!

  • Sounds like you're going to take week 5 by the scruff of it's neck and give it a good shake, well done you're doing great carnivorous squirrels aside.

  • Thanks. I'm a weird way I'm looking forward to Week 5 but I shall be taking it slow and steady. Slow and steady........

  • As Mr Punch would say "that's the way to do it"

  • πŸ˜‚ visions of squirrels taking pot shots at you... well done Kim your absolutely flying along, keep going mate your doing amazing πŸ˜€x

  • Cheers. It's the lovely comments from you and all my fellow runners that keep me going......until Mr Smooth tells me to stop that is!! 😊

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