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I did it. Not very fast but nevertheless, finished it. Up until now I've found it quite doable but today I almost hit a wall. Is this normal?

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Yes!! I hit a wall every time I run. Just stick with it and plod on! I'm on week 7 run 3 next. Running, well jogging very slowly for 25 minutes without stopping.. still hitting that wall but I just haven't given up. Get those trainers on and don't give yourself time to think. Change your running route too. It keeps things interesting. For the first 6 weeks I ran around a field but now I'm running through lanes. Good luck! You got this! X

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Nozza03

Slow down a bit more... no such thing as too slow:)


I'm very confident that I'm the slowest runner on this forum and it's taken me since April to get to the place of only having one run left before graduation. However I honestly believe that fighting gremlins all the way and accepting that my pace is better than no pace has not only made me physically stronger but also much mentally stronger. Keep posting as you'll get all the support you need here.

JaneM21Graduate in reply to 61trying

I'm fairly confident that I win that accolade! Jogging/shuffling/walking - I'm slow - but as you say, I'm faster than those who aren't doing it!

Jododds in reply to 61trying

Well done you! Very impressed that you have stuck to it. Enjoy your graduation!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to 61trying

Go you... but I was the slowest runner :) ( Not now though... :))

Cazza73 in reply to 61trying

Hey I'm the same I started April

And I'm on week 8. Life and illness and holidays have just got in the way too much but I'm nearly there. Well done.

Yup it is, for each and every one of us there's a wall and for some it's early in the plan, others later.

Just be mindful of your pace and find the famous Oldfloss happy pace and that will help no end.

Quite often as we get used to the running, our pace quickens without us even realising it. Mindful pace is the key.

It is possibly because you are running a bit too fast, or not hydrated enough.

Try slowing down to a pace that feels steady and comfortable, always start your run super slowly and you should find you have enough in the tank to get to the end of your run.

The plan is designed to push you, but is doable..there is no wall. You found it hard today, but you did it. Slow down for W3 R3 and feel the difference.

I was 55 when I did the plan and did every run successfully. The secret is to be confident and trust the plan.😊

Good luck.


Thanks to all for your support.


Nope.... not really...you need to slow down..even if you feel you were not going fast:)

If there is a real physical feeling of a wall, it is usually a sign that you are pushing a tad too hard.

The mental walls often disappear too , as you lessen your pace.... this is a great journey.. intended to be fun, so at this early stage..just relax into those runs... try to land lightly and go with each run section:) There is a way to go.. and it is fun... so

" Fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see"

You will be fine:)

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