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Feel good, as fought the inner demons that said not to bother, and went out for my next session tonight.

Raining and grey, but now feel a sense of achievement. Tilley (my dog) enjoyed herself, and getting used to the 'hands free' lead I bought recently, which is great along the road bits. Got a puppy at home (who can't go out into the big wide world yet, as hasn't finished her course of injections) hopefully when she's older she'll be out with us too :)

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Some Summer!

Good that you've kept yourself on track.

I'm hoping to test out my knee on Friday with a week1 test run then up the stakes if that goes well.

All these positive posts are keeping me raring to go,

Hope it's not raining on Friday!


AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to Nik0lai

Yep, fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine, planning my run 3 Friday...see you there!


Good on you for fighting those demons and getting out there. I've had several days when I just didn't feel like setting a foot outside the door, but I've generally gone anyway, and often felt way better for doing so. You'll soon be at week three - let's hope Tilley can keep up with you as you progress!

AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to vivh61

Our pace seems quite suited...slow! Tilley's 10, and trots along happily expect puppy (Juno) will be the speedy one in a few months!

Well done for getting out there. I've just got back from week 3 run 1. I've been lucky with the weather so far!

AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to Eastofthegate

We can do a virtual run together, good luck with rest of the week :)


Well done you. Hands Free lead??? I'm intrigued 😃

AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to Dunnja

Like a belt round waist, and lead clips onto it, so dog attached but I can run with both arms free which feels nicer. Unfortunately she doesn't pull me up hills...I need to work on that!

So fun to read your same day/same week experiences! Go you!!!!


Well done you for keeping going! I think Laura is right on the podcasts when she says often it's a mental struggle rather than a physical one to keep going :-)

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