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Back at it!

So following a week or so off for injury, I've found it hard getting back into regular running without the structure of C25K. I've done a couple of park runs and I'm still getting faster which is nice, but only running 2 times a week.

Today I started "training" for 10K, I did 4x10mins and felt surprisingly ok, even on my first attempt at large hills.

Hopefully I can stick to a regular schedule, any advice for this lack of motivation?

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Just remember why you started in the first place. Personally I didn't want to lose my hard earned fitness and have to "go backwards". But motivation is a personal thing and each of us has to find our own.

Take a trip over to the Bridge to 10K forum as there are a few people who are working towards their first 10K so maybe that would spur you on 🙂

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Thank you, I'll keep trying ☺️


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