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Running to 10k - advice needed

Hello fellow runners,

I have recently graduated from the c25k programme, which I absolutely loved. So I am now running freestyle and feel that I would like a new challenge and get myself running to 10k.

Can anyone recommend a good app for this as I'm finding that I enjoy running to a programme as it keeps me motivated and in the zone?! Many thanks in advance xx

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Following advice on this forum once graduated I started just running. Consolidated 5k runs 3 times a week. Took part in weekly Parkruns and spent a couple of months just getting used to running. I've spent 10 weeks consolidating 5k and am like you starting out on a 10k training plan.

I looked into Apps as well but decided to do what I'm doing already and extend one of the weekly runs using the 10% rule. I run on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Last Thursday I ran 6K and this coming Thursday I plan on doing 7k.

I've been running for the past 10 weeks without a plan and I am enjoying the freedom of just running.

Active.com have an App for 5k to 10k on the App Store. I used their App for C25K and found it very good.


You are so organised Damienair :)

I agree with all that you say btw



Lots of consolidation of the thirty minute runs.. then short runs.... longer runs... see how far you get runs... then maybe C25K+ podcasts; great for the disciplines within our running and great for continuing to build up our stamina and strength and those running legs too... lots of core strength exercises... after that... pop across to Bridge to 10K, where there will be loads of advice from the experts!

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I did as Damien, above, just increasing one run per week by a maximum of 10% of your weekly total distance. I believe there are 10k apps you can pay for and JuJu has put a training plan on the Bridge to 10k forum, I believe.

The consolidation at 5k/30 minutes for a few weeks, forgetting about pace for most runs and enjoying your environment, is to be recommended before pushing on too much. Plenty of core strengthening exercises can build the solid core needed for longer distances.

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Join the Bridge to 10K forum here healthunlocked.com/bridgeto10k - ask your question there and you will get a plethora of helpful replies


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