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W4 R2 and over 50% of W4 DONE!

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W4 R2 done this morning, I found out my old heart rate monitor (chest band type) and replaced the battery, better and more accurate than the treadmill, treadmill reads 400 cals for W4 R1 where as the HRM shows 670 cals for W4 R2 plus the heart rate monitoring was continuous and not just when I put my hands on the sensors.

I can't believe, after last week when I was considering redoing W3 I'm now over half way through W4 and chasing down W5 and the first long 20 minute run (gulp).

Thanks all for the support so far, the fact I'm now officially a jogger is, in a large part, down to you all!

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Well done!!

I've just finished WK4R1 this morning and I can't believe I was actually running for 16 minutes!! How cool is that?!!

At the start of C25K, I never thought I could run for 60 seconds let alone 16 minutes but today I achieved that very thing!!

Congratulations and keep up the running and I look forward to hearing your updates πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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It's a great feeling isn't it, I did have an issue in W3 but I slowed my pace a little and am finding it has helped a lot with the amount of time I can jog, plus as OldFloss says, pace will come later.

In a strange possibly sadistic kind of way I'm looking forward to W5 R3, 20 minutes, none stop, now that's going to be interesting.

Good luck, carry on doing what you're doing.

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In a large part to your head and your legs in fact. Well done you.


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