Week 6 disaster 😊


I need some help. Been working through couch to 5k. Really pleased with how it has been going until yesterday which was run 3 of week 6 i.e. The 25 mins no stopping. Well I did stop and couldn't do it. So what should I do? Start the whole of week 6 again or just that particular run again? So frustrated as I was doing so well. I can only put it down to a very busy and active week ? Maybe too much on top of everything else? Tips and thoughts please x


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  • First off - no such thing as failure - just your first practise.

    Second - take your rest days and then take another run at it (pun intended), just take it a bit slower and only build up your pace once your feeling comfortable.

    You've completed the rest of the programme - you can do this one too.

  • Thank you.

  • totally agree, YOU CAN DO THIS, everything you've done so far has bought you to this

    So don't worry about your practice run it's only helped to build your strength, take your rest days and then take the run again, take it nice and steady, snail pace minus one and you'll get through it nicely, you've managed everything else this is no different

  • Yet you're a graduate... bling at last!

  • oh yes

  • Thanks!

  • I have my WK6 Run 3 to do Sunday, hopefully I will get through. As for you I don't know what to recommend as I am an amateur runner just started. The one thing I would say is don't over evaluate it or dwell on it too long. Rest do WK 6 R2 again and then R3. You will be fine, slow steady and inner calm.

  • Thanks!

  • Can you recall Julia Roberts eating snails in Pretty Woman and she says something like " feisty little suckers aren't they" as they fly across the posh restaurant.

    W6 is notoriously a feisty little sucker... so don't panic if you did the other two runs then just put this one down as a practice run. No run is a failure as Irish-John says a run is a run is a run. The minutes and km you did have been banked for your future running life. It starts getting a little harder now and it might be worth you taking an extra days rest before tackling this one again.

    You don't say when exactly you stopped, but sometimes runs just don't work out and they are a bit meh.

    If you were close to the time, then just give it another go and see if you can do it, but slow down to your slowest pace to give yourself the best chance of completion. If you feel you were way off pace and time, then just go out and try and do as well as you can.

    W6 got me and many others on here, there was a poll ages ago and if I remember W 5 & 6 shared the honours for being the hardest to do.

    Take a rest, shrug it off and kick its butt next time...

  • Thank you! I stopped after 14 mins which frustrated me as I got through the 20 the previous week no issues. I walked a bit then made sure I ran another 11 so that it totalled 25. That was my best guess!

  • It really is weird because in your head it should be easy, but I think going back to intervals and then a long run messes up your head. But whilst it is crappy, this is actually a good lesson for us to mix up our runs after we graduate. Also I found that as my fitness improved, I started off quicker, this was the time when I really started looking at my stats, not to go faster, but to make sure I was going slow enough... and mummycav she was the queen of disbelief in W5, I think we all get that one crappy week...

    Funnily enough you do feel better after the crap run, the success seems just a little sweeter because you grafted for it.

  • That's so true JCR...I had a proper sulk on didn't I??!! Week 5 was a killer for me!! But then when I did W6R1&2 I was chuffed to bits...R1 hurt...because I thought I was capable of anything as I'd managed W5R3...20 mins...but oh ohhh, it doesn't work like that...so yes, there are certain weeks that can proper bite you in the bum but it's just to test you...you can do it...definitely...

  • it wasn't a sulk, just you couldn't believe in yourself, we've all had and done it. Mine was W6 R1. It is as though we all have to have the crap one and then its fine. I don't pretend to understand it, but most of us have had the crap, I want to give up run...

  • That's a hard one..that you expect to be easy!!!

    I am going out determined with each step of every run...here's to the park run in the morning!!!

  • Awww...don't feel too downhearted...you've managed to get this far...you will be able to do it..it just takes a bit more grit & determination....I did exactly the same thing on W5R3, TWICE!!! I was so disappointed with myself so I know exactly how you're feeling....it helped me knowing afterwards that lots of people were taken by surprise by that run...& maybe this one is the same?? I'm doing this run tomora but I'm incorporating it with my local park run so that will be a distraction, I'm quite looking forward to it ...there'll be people there spurring me on, not that I need it coz my running family on here can do that!! Take an extra days rest, dust yourself down & try it again...don't go back to any other runs, you've done those, it's this one you need to crack...& you will..promise

  • Good response mummycav109 ... the support on here is superb .... you will do it Helen5777 and when you do we will be cheering you on . Mine is tomorrow morning - very nervous as lots say it's a struggle but grit determination and slow slow slow is my plan . But if it's not successful it was just a practice !!!!

    Wk 5 and 6 seem to pull up lots of sneaky bits but sure it's designed to help us grow as runners .

    Keep us posted and I will post tomorrow after mine 😘

  • Thanks! Gonna try it again on Sunday morning.

  • Thank you!! Think I'll leave it tomorrow and try on Sunday. A friend who has just completed it said she can come then so that may help x

  • Oh that's sounds like a plan!!

  • Try it again. I had a few runs on my way to Graduation where I simply just could not go on - and not necessarily in a physical sense - and simply stopped dead and told myself 'I just don't want to do this today!" and walked home.

    I then went out the next running day and would give it another go and for whatever reason it would be a 'success' day.

    Trick is to just keep on keeping on using the Programme as a framework - but as an individual you will be doing it slowly and steadily in your own time and at your own pace. And - keep it fun. :) If it's not fun on SOME level its a destructive masochistic dysfunctional thing you do that you will come to resent and hate :)

    Take it easy running and take it easy on yourself - times like this when Is tart feeling all pear shaped I ask myself what would I say to someone who was in the position I find myself in :)

    The answer being 'Relax man - its' a PROCESS, not a COMPETITION!" :)

    Wishing you the many happy miles that await in your future, slow and steady ;)

  • Thank you!

  • Yes! I'm about to do W6 R3 tomorrow. My idea is this: c25k is stuck with me. I'm NEVER giving up. I did this with my PhD -- I just said to myself, I may suck but they are going to actively have to kick me out of the department and otherwise I'll just keep going until I get the damned thing. Same thing here. (only... it doesn't go on for 8 years, just saying). Anyway, just get out there and go until you get it. (also, you now know how to get a PhD :-)

  • Thanks!

  • I can understand your frustration Helen5777 , but as several others have already said, just put it down as a practice, and try again but much slower. Some of my hardest runs have been when I've set off very confidently and ended up going to fast, so can't maintain it, and then have lost all motivation or ability to continue. My better runs are when I find a good rhythm to run at, and keep steadily onwards, almost ignoring the time and distance and just enjoying my music and the surroundings. Changing your route might help, as you interest in what's around you will maybe distract you from worrying about completing the run.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll get it licked.

  • I think I did possibly go off faster the normal. X

  • It happens and life can be busier than you have imagined...:)

    Just do the run again.. this time.. just slow it down even more.. try to relax into the run and let those newly-found running legs take you forward... breathe and flow with it!!

  • Thanks!

  • I can t answer as i am a beginner but listen to those more experienced and keep at it. You will get there

  • Maybe you should just really really slow down? I find that a music that goes in time with my slow pace is a huge help and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable! You will do it next time, no worries, and there's no such thing as failure. Only good days and not so good days. And yes, if you have a lot on and are maybe tired that could very much affect your performance, both physically and mentally!good luck!

  • As Oldfloss says, slow will unlock it. As in slooow. Levitating speed. When l did 20 min l ran fast and l thought I'd never be able to run again, so when its 25 min brother came along l was ready to take my time and did it with very little effort. Hydrate well the day before, rest up, keep it positive and you will do it, don't worry! 😎

  • Thank you!

  • Me too! I struggled with that but ploughed on through the program. It was my intention to do just that, then go back and do the weeks i struggled with. The last 3 weeks are 3 runs at 25,28 and 30mins. I managed to do 2/3 runs on the last 3 weeks without stopping . I found it horrendously difficult and on the first run each week having to slow to a walk 3 or four times. That's ok, just don't stop completely. I'm 49 and was 17st, I started in late June 2017. I now run 5k 3 times a week. The program is well designed and if you can just find that bit extra, it will be so rewarding. If I can do it, so can you, keep going, it's worth it!!

  • Thanks! I'm 40 and also very heavy so I know it's going to be hard but I will persevere!

  • I am here to read the answers but wondering how Helen got on yesterday

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