Couch to 5K


I finally did it. A lovely sunny misty morning. There were more people about than I generally like, but I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore them. Not much wildlife to speak of, and the ground was a bit muddy. My race for life is in just over a week, so I was determined to get the 5K in under 30minutes. The Garmin wouldnt turn on at the crucial moment which stressed me, but then it got going-something to do with satellites I expect. I kept an eye on the pace, knowing that it had to be under 6 to acheive my target. The 4 gates and a stile and several road crossings all slowed me down, but allowed me to sneakily catch a little breather. Then I was there!! All done. 27 minutes 30 seconds for the 5K, and I completed the 30 minutes. Phew. I just have to keep going now. I am going to use my own playlist with more boppy music from the suggestions list, but I am a bit worried that the RfL course is going to be hilly, and I dont like hills. I am so pleased to have done this C25K course. I think it is wonderful, but the thing that really makes it work is the support on this forum. Keep up the good work everyone, as Laura says 'you can do it'!!

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Well done you! I just got in from my last run feeling great and so pleased with myself. Did my 5 k in 37 minutes which is really good for me. Keep up the good work, you did so well to get your 5 k in under 30 minutes :)



we are the champions!!

Well done.




Fantastic result! Well done!


Wow - that isfantastic - well done you! :D


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