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Eerrmmmmmm lets start again

Hi guys, well I have been a little naughty and haven't run for 3 weeks 😬 we went away for the weekend and I ran before we went but since we have come back and my other half has gone back to work I just don't the time with having to get the eldest off to school and sorting the baby out during the day.

I think I'm just going to have to get up early and do it, but then that all depends on when the baby wakes for a feed and then the rush for the school run.

My other half is off work tomorrow so I'm planning on him doing the school run and then I can do the home run 😂

When does everyone else find time to fit it in?


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I'm doing week3r3 tomorrow at stupid o'clock in the morning (5.30am) I wouldn't run in the evening so have to run before my oh goes to work!! It's hard but I'm enjoying being wide awake and ready to go about my day by 7am hoping to continue once my boys go back to school next week x


I am also out before 6am as that is my only free time. It's a bit tough to jump out of bed but it's great to get home after a run and the house is still quiet and I can have my cup of tea in peace!


The baby can wake for a feed anytime between 3am and 6am and then feeds every 3 hours after that so it's quite tough trying to fit it in xx


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