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App glitch?!!

Completed Run 2 of Week 8 yesterday and was quite chuffed with myself. I have now decided that running outdoors rather than on the treadmill is the way to go. Yes it is harder but so much more rewarding and interesting. Yesterday's route was a tad hilly but with the beautiful scenery of the Yorkshire Dales I was distracted enough to keep taking small steps and keep going. Just after around 24 minutes and on a downward section my friend rang me. She must have thought she had some kind of heavy breather on the other end of the phone!! We had a quick chat and I said I would ring her later. I carried on running and was now back in the town, so in view of more people!! I kept running and thinking 'surely I must be nearly done?', Jo wasn't interrupting my music so eventually I took a peek at my phone in its armband, only to find it had paused when I took the call!!! I still had 4 and a bit minutes to go!!!! Needless to say, I had definitely ran for longer than that so I came to a brisk walk!☺️

As many others have said, I really can't believe that I am running for 28 (or longer!!). The feeling I have post run is amazing. After yesterday's run I walked the dog in the afternoon then did an early evening walk with a friend. By the end of the day I had clocked up 9.8 miles and 21,280 steps.........no wonder my legs are a tad sore today!!

Can't wait to graduate next week, I cant actually believe I've come this far! What have other people done after graduating? I know there is the Bridge to 10k; does this just build up the distance and time each week? Could I seriously build up to running 10k?!!!!

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Well done! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well!! I am about a month on from graduating and I found it harder than you, by the sounds of it. So on the advice of the lovely seasoned experts on here, I've just carried on doing 30 mins x 3 week, slowed down bit and took the pressure off as I seemed to be pressuring myself to run hard. And just now I'm finding (fingers crossed!!) that it's getting easier for me. If that carries on, I might look to do the Bridge to 10k after Christmas maybe! But I think some people do move straight on to it. All depends on how you feel personally about your fitness etc. Just carry on enjoying it, I think that's the main thing. Sounds like you have some lovely scenery to inspire you! Good luck.

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The best advice I got was from the excellent post Bluebirdrunner wrote last week. As a newbie all over again, the plethora of choices are a bit bewildering, speed, stamina, distance etc. Check out the article, my take from it was consolidate the 5k or 3x 30 mins a week first, choose your running recipe later, as you are still building your running legs. Seems to me this helps new graduates avoid the injury couch through being too enthusiastic!

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Well done.

Without displaying any bias about treadmills, I think I you have made a very wise decision.

After graduation, you can go wherever you want........ the world will be your running track.

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