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Can't find the podcast!

Well I've been trawling through hundreds of posts for about 40 minutes now and still can't find what I'm looking for. I swear when I finished couch to 5k about three weeks ago someone either replied to my post or posted their own post about what to do after the 5k programme. I'd like to run for about 30 minutes as per the 5k podcasts but listen to something for stamina and speed, someone recommended one for both of these where you train to run to the beat - does anyone know what this is called? I need a podcast for my ipod as I don't have the internet on my phone for apps etc (I know I'm in dark ages!). Any help much appreciated.

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There you go... here's a selection of podcasts that you can download and transfer to you phone / mp3 player :-)



Thank you AndyD. :)

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