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Joolz 51 feeling great

Hi all not been on for a while but I'm now on week 8 run 1 was hard but i did it run 2 last tuesday i tripped and face planted my nose into the tarmac needless to say we aborted the run, did not break my nose properly but have been v bruised and swollen since then i tried a run today but went back to w6 which is two 10 min runs ran the 1st 10 ok but unable to complete 2nd 10 breathing through my nose not brill yet. advise please I was up at 28 min runs should I go back to week 8 or shall I take it back further

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Oops., ! 😫🏃‍♀️ Aargh! Sorry to hear that but it is a bit of an occupational hazard. Hopefully this sunshine will heal your face up in no time 🙂


Yikes??? I hope your feeling ready soon...you'll nail it next time...don't think too much about breathing through your nose, just do what feels best x


That sounds very painful, hope the swelling and bruising are going. I would suggest that if you feel mentally up for week 8, and can breathe through your mouth if you need to, go for it. Your running stamina should not have taken too much of a knock, so just try week 8 and see how you get on. Maybe try a different route if you are having negative thoughts about the place you fell at. Happy running :) .


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