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Week 8 done

Phew that was a very red and sweaty one, Really felt like I could stop but the thought of having to repeat run three and that the gremlins maybe taking hold was enough to help me finish. I do think I need 2 rest days but had to make do with one and will have to run again on Monday as there are diary constraints next week but will get three rest days between run 1 and 2. Really can't believe I've managed toget this far.

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You are doing amazingly! Well done you, you're soooo close now! I think you are right with the rest days, I notice a difference (for the better) when I take 2. Good luck going into week 9 and go and get that graduation badge , I hope to join you shortly!


Red and sweaty is good, but I think you are right to take the extra days rest where you can. Cumulatively you've been pushing that bod now for what will likely be over 100km. You've plugged away and it's getting close to podium time. Brilliantly done


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