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First hurdle w5 run 3

I've just hit my first hurdle in the form of week 5 run 3. I managed 16 minutes but think I may have started too fast as I had nothing left towards the end. Feeling pretty frustrated with myself now I'm home for not pushing myself through it. Anyone else struggled with this one?

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This seems to be one that catches quite a lot of folk out (first proper run)

Something that came up some weeks back in a post and was the turning point for me was sustainable pace, think you've said it yourself really in that you believe you went out to fast (which is exactly what I was doing)

Then "sustainable pace" came into my life and really changed things for me, I slowed things down and really took my time and would you believe it I was suddenly able to do the times and after that none of the runs have held any fear for me.

Steady down, slow and steady and feet pretty much kissing the ground and there you have it


We are on this run too and pre read other's posts and decided to slow it down a bit. It worked well for us.


Rolysmate is right this is a feisty little sucker. But find sustainable and you're there. Honest just read all the posts and you'll see it's a real humdinger.

It really is the story of the tortoise and hare, at this stage you've built a nice head of steam and it seemed to me that I wanted to go faster, but actually consciously toning it down was the way to go. You'll do it next time out, don't be frustrated be focussed. Where your head goes, your legs will too.

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It sounds like you know what to do.

Just about every week trips someone up, but it just means you found your level, running at that pace. Slow down and stay positive and you will be fine.

Have a search for W5R3 and you will find that you are not alone, but also that it is eminently achievable.

Keep calm and it is in the bag.

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Yes, it's a tricky one. Like everyone else has said, taking it slow is the key. I also found that I was lacking in energy when I ran on empty so now we share a homemade granola bar and drink some watered down smoothy before we head out. It has helped a lot but I know eating before a run doesn't agree with everyone. Don't let your confidence be knocked by this. You'll smash it next time! ☺


Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. I've just had another go and this one and smashed it!! :D

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