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I do run run by The Runnettes

I haven't run for over a week - trying to give my calf an opportuity to behave itself. This morning, the swelling having gone for the past few days, I thought I would try a little runnette whilst being ready to stop at the slightest hint of anything untoward. I ran/walked about 3K stopping to stretch when convenient. All is well so far; the calf didn't cramp or threaten to I've done some long stretches and will now have fingers crossed that nothing develops.

It was good to be out there again. There was a white ship catching the sun out at sea whilst I was running under a cooling cloud. And now the sky is clearing for a clear, sunny day.

Happy running everyone.

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Great news....!!!

Good stretching and rolling too if possible all around the calf muscles, will be of terrific benefit!

You run sounds super... it's brighter, clearly where you are.. here in Criccieth.. a tad dull!


I'll give the rolling a try. The roller to which you linked recently is very different from those that you seem to put on the floor and roll over. Or do you use both?

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I have both, but the massage stick did/does really help my calf muscles.. I use it every time I run now..:)


My foam roller is a bit big to bring to the holiday home :)


Sheps that is fabulous to hear, here's to a lovely day for you and that the pesky calf condition has sailed away for good. Fingers crossed


Thanks Jan. It's a great relief. I'm certainly knocking on the head the idea of a September 10K. No matter how slowly I do it and how much walking I do, I will have to push it too hard. There will be others.


Yes if your calf is causing so much gip then it's the classic slow and steady build up that's needed. As you there will be others!


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