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Problematic podcast...Week 4

Yay!! Week 4 run 1... done! Phew, felt like tough going on it's own but certainly wasn't helped by the podcast going into meltdown just as I was about to start the second 3 minute run.

I seemed to spend more time fiddling with my damned phone trying to get it back ( though would've been pointless as the timings we're all to pot by this time!).

BUT ...I kept on going, relying on my watch for my timings and my memory for what I was supposed to do next ( a gamble in my case).

Has anyone else had problems with the podcast buffering and any recommendations for alternatives?

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Hi GLS50 - I had an issue only once and that was in week 9 (which was possibly because I ran out of data or had bad reception.) i think that once in 27 runs is a good success rate for the podcasts. It sounds like you coped really well - and it wouldn't have mattered if you hadn't quite got it right. What matters is that you thought on your feet and carried on. Well done. Good luck with the rest of the programme 👍

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Thanks for that. Think I will write down the programme week by week so that if it happens again I can at least keep following the programme correctly. Missed having the music to keep pace too though :-(


I did look at it before I went out so that it is fresh in my mind just incase. When it happened I just played music I had on my phone. It wasn't 'running' music - it definitely helped though. My favourite song Mr Blue Sky came on just after I finished running too so I think I felt very positive afterwards because of that.


Hi hi, I don't know if you're using an iphone or an Android phone, but for either, if you're using the podcasts, shouldn't you be able to download them onto your device before you go out so you don't have to worry about data/reception on the go? If you haven't done that, maybe that's something to try... if you have done that and you still have an issue, then not sure what's up!

I personally have an issue where sometimes the app doesn't quieten my music so I can't always hear what my chosen trainer is saying, if anyone knows how to fix that, that'd be great!

PS. Mr Blue Sky also my favourite :D

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Thanks for that tip. You may be right about the download thing cos I realised later that I didn't appear to have done that!

Just done W 4 r 2 (phew!) and it behaved itself after I'd downloaded it :-)

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