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W3R3 - Just not feeling it today

Bah humbug! Just finished W3R3 and just didn't feel it today.

Shoes would't tie properly, half way throuh run developed chaffing of man bits, 5 minute warm up didn't go as far. Quite honestly not a happy run.

But on the upside finished run and after a rest day W4R1.

Will post todays photo, and it's warmer today!

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What's the photo of? It's very dark!!

The mantra is "Even a bad run is doing you good" (repeat under your breath as you hobble along lol). I've used it many a time.

W4R1 will (probably) be better!! :)


Is that a spaceship?

Keep looking on the upside and head out for your next run with an optimistic smile.

Perhaps we are all taking bad with the warmer temperature.


well done on going outside and running!

Ive had wk3 runs that were not as pleasant as others, and completely lacked that post-run afterglow. But, you ran it!

Roll on week4 :D


The photo was taken on a bridge over the A23.


I blame Keith Lemon and Holly Willow-booby. Stayed up till midnight watching celbrity juice on ITV2+1. Then got up at 5:45 for run. Tonight we are having friends over to celebrate Mrs Beans birthday so bring on the wines! No run tomorrow!


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