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12 days, 4 different Scottish runs

So just back from about 12 days in Scotland. 4 Runs in 4 different places (should have been 5, but Stirling got cancelled. Staying half way up a mountain and ankle still not happy. Making it worse and being unable to drive would not have made me popular.)

Glasgow was the most embarrassing - see previous post. Also the flattest and tamest.

Oban was the not as planned - had identified a slightly boring but flat route. As I was leaving the B&B spotted a path out the back. Wonder where that goes? Half way up that hill over there was the answer. And so did I. Really steep, like even walking up it would get you out of puff. Lovely views but boy was it hard work!

Mull was the best. Did an 8K circuit and think I ran about 5K of that. Along a road with glimpses of the sea between little hills. Then turning away from the sea, over a gate and into rough pasture/moorland. Had to slow down a few times not to frighten sheep. Through some woods, got a bit lost, along a farm track past a standing stone and then walked back along the road. This was the route that made me realise I have muscles in my ankle I don't use a lot.

Taynuilt was the one where I had to drive to the start. Just no route that didn't involve walking on a fast, bendy road with no pavement. Decided to run on a forestry track. Started high above the loch, but found it ended down at water level. Lovely views but lots of slopey bits - up and down all the way. More up than down on the way back. Had to walk bits, but think I ran about 30 minutes in total. Quite a rough stoney track so although the ankle was fine at the start it wasn't so happy at the end. Raining as well, but at least that kept the midges away.

No idea how far I ran on any of them as even if I'd taken my phone there was no signal anywhere. Ran without music, just the views and the sound of my feet. Loved it.

Now back in north London where the routes and the views are much less interesting. So loved running in the wild, but not a lot of wild round here. Now to persuade partner she'd like to move to Scotland.....

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I love it!

I want to do it!

I'm off to the Lake District in a couple of weeks time, trail shoes will be packed alongside walking boots.

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Lake District is good too. Enjoy it.


SCB a this sounds a fab change of scenery and running too. Quick question if you don't mind I hope to graduate this week and mainly do road running, there aren't that many trails here in Italy. Did you think you preferred the trail and tracks? Or is that something like an occasional running treat? Trying to nick some ideas and inspiration...


If I had trails like that to run on near here that's where I would run every time. In summer anyway. Even with the slightly tame woods near here I am not sure where to run once it's dark after work. Running by roads in the dark doesn't sound like fun. But for me the more rural and the less straight the better. Not sure my knees or ankles agree but I am working on them.

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Fair point when it's dark here the roads are very scary even when I wear fluoro. I was chatting to one of my Italian friends bemoaning the fact that Italians expect cyclists but not runners. And she said it is a big problem so I think I may hunt out some weekend trails and also give the joints a break from tarmac and concrete running.... thanks for the reply


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