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Pace. How to go slower?

So how do you slow down your pace? I find it really hard to deliberately slow down and going slower is harder on the legs.

Do you take smaller steps or slower steps while trying to keep the same stride length?

I fond when I tire and slow down my feet also stay closer to the ground as it feels as though I can barely lift them. I don't generally lift too high and I'm pretty sure that I'm not bouncing up and down and wasting energy.

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To slow down my run, I speeded up my walk making sure I did short, fast steps until I was going so fast I had to break into a trot. My stride length changed without my doing anything about it and I found I could run for further without getting breathless. Once I was trotting, it was easier to go faster if I found I had the energy. Give it a go :)


Did you manage to time the transition for the start of a run when doing walk/run intervals?


soon got used to it! i used the same fast pace when I was walking at other times too (much to the consternation of the dogs who wondered why mistress was in such a hurry!)


Glad someone else finds going slower is harder on the legs. I find that I need to consciously set the slow pace at the start of the run, once that's done it seems to come automatically for the rest of the run. I do a very slow jog but I'm looking forward to graduating and then building up some speed..


I've bought a couple of the audiofuel mp3s now. You're meant to land you feet in time to the beats of the music. Each track has a different bpm. They've really helped me to learn how to pace myself. Im sure the music isnt to everyones taste but id really recommend them.


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