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Speed advice

Hi all! New to this forum. I've just completed W4R3 today, very pleased with myself for managing 5 min runs! My problem is that I have to run really slowly. Currently training at the gym, as have slightly dodgy knees and running outside on changing terrain was causing issues, so thought it best to try to stick to the program and build up stamina by running on the machine. But I can only manage my runs at 7.5kmph, I honestly think I could walk faster! Is it worthwhile running at this speed?

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Yes, whatever speed you run at is absolutely fine.


You're pace is fine. I started on a treadmill when I did the programme and did most of it at 7km/h or thereabouts. Having graduated and kept running I am now working on speed and distance and can run comfortably at 9km/h for 6 or 7km with sprint intervals of 5minutes at 10-12 km/h... it's all about building those running legs, it does come, you just need to trust the programme and your body and don't try to run too fast too soon or you'll risk injury.

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Yup it is I'd kill for 7.5 kmph, and so would many others I think. You're half way through the plan, stamina and kms are being put in the bank. Speed comes later....


Excellent! Thanks all!


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