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Just completed wk4 r1, I was dreading the step up but it wasn't too bad. My worry is I am going too slow, I run round a small footlball pitch and the longer in time I run I don't think is being converted into the distance as I think I am going slower now as I am doing longer runs. I put on the Nike Fitness+ onmy ipod for the first time and it said had done 6.29km in 34mins, which I think is further than I actually did.

So 2 questions, does anyone know how to calibrate this to check it is correct as I don't think my shuffling steps are anywhere near 1.18m as it suggests.

Also what speed is "normal" I do feel I am literally shuffling along when I do the 3 & 5 mins runs, should I be pushing slightly harder into more of a jog? In week 3 and this run I found I was able to lift the pace for the last minute of the last runs though I left me pretty knackered at the end.

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HI, I finished week 4 run three this morning. I felt the same during the first run, especially as I seemed to have to turn around quicker, the run itself is slightly shorter i think to help with the jump up in run length which made it feel as if i didn't cover as much ground.

Anyway I found I wasn't breathing quite so hard by the end of the last 3 mins running so out of curiosity i tried carrying on and ended up running for 6 MIns!!! A real achievement for me I then ended cooling down to the 5 min warm up run of week 5.

I then worked on speeding up a little this morning as it was the third time but doing the same as before with a 6 min last run. I think because my fitness and endurance is improving i am finding it easier.

I would suggest everyone has a different speed they are comfortable (with only you know what that is for you). I try and push myself out of my comfort zone but not too hard to end up giving up!

Only go as fast as your comfortable with and I promise that will increase your speed naturally! Happy running.


I'm on W4 as well and have noticed that I have slowed down but I'm not worried. I'm sure at this stage the key is to run for longer rather than faster....increased speed can come later if that is what you want. Steady ahead for me.


I wouldn't worry about the pace unless it's important to you. Concentrate on graduating and then you can work on getting quicker if you want to. I found that I started getting quicker times later in the 9 weeks so it's a gradual build up.

To calibrate your Nike device just use it to measure your run over a known distance. You could try finding a route that you can drive or run and then mark the distance in the car first before running it.

Good luck.


Speed is irrelevant at this stage. You are building strength and stamina which will, in time, allow you to speed up. It's so important to take it steadily as there is a real danger that you'll overdo it and injure yourself if you concentrate on going faster. Believe me, many of us have done that! (*whistles tunelessly and tries not to look guilty...*)

As you progress, you may well find that you get faster without even realising it and your speed improves quite significantly. Just take it nice and easy for now and once you graduate, you can really work on speed or distance!


Thanks for the help, my worry is that I am kidding myself in completing the runs when really I am just doing a fast walk!!


I've read people's posts where they say their walk is slower than their run! My advice is, don't sweat the pace at this stage. I am three weeks post-graduation and only doing 40min 5k's. That's about four and a half miles an hour, so yes, you could probably walk that quickly if you get a stride on. But I suspect it's the action of running - your feet leaving the ground - which is important to distinguish between the walk and the run rather than the pace. It works your body that much harder. Stick with a pace that you can complete the runs at, even if it feels slow, it's still faster than the couch! You will probably find that you will get quicker as your stamina improves. Good luck!


I found I had to reduce my route at week four and five.........I too felt like II was just waddling along and have worried I'm not doing the programme properly...but I tried to remind myself that even waddling along and breaking a sweat is more exercise then I used to do. I've been tempted to get caught up on speed but have so far managed to resist and stuck to the programme religiously.....I'm now on week eight and beginning to feel more confident about my route has shot back up again and I've even seen an increase between run one and two of this week....only .06 of a mile - but it was still an increase! I am all about the length of time I can run for......I will work on speed post graduation....this progamme has enabled me to achieve more then I ever imagined...but I have to be realistic....8 weeks ago I was I'm driven to get out there three times a week....that's enough for now....speed will come in time. Keep going and good luck - it's so worth it when graduation is in sight!!!!!!!!!!


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