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Increasing speed


I have tonight just finished W6R2 - wohooo! I have up to now carried out all

of my runs on a treadmill indoors. I feel like I am jogging at a decent pace and my legs certainly feel it but my OH tells me some people can walk fast at the speed I jog lol!

I think its about 4mph. Whenever I have tried to up this I have struggled to sustain running for very long so have stuck to the 4mph.

However after this run tonight and only covering 2km according to treadmill, I feel I should be doing more or is it best to keep at a pace I am happy with until completing the 9 weeks and then working on speeds/distance?

I must say I am really enjoying the challenge and am so glad that I found the podcasts on the nhs website. I really struggled with W6R1 so was very apprehensive about W6R2 but suprised myself. I wouldn't say it was easy by any means but I did it. Not looking forward to W6R3 though eeek!



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Hi there! I think if you are comfortable at your chosen speed, stick with it. My OH came out with me last weekend and my pace was too slow for him to run (he is a proper runner !) so he walked beside me! Iam getting slower as I go on, to conserve energy for my longer runs. It works for me. If I finish and still have a bit of energy to spare, I feel a bit more confident for the next run. W6R1 for me tomorrow.

Good luck to you :)


I know it's hard to do but speed will come in time, she says! Focus on finishing the runs at a pace you are comfy with. I'm doing it on a treadmill too and am hoping to venture outside sometime soon


All of the above! Being able to finish the runs is very important at this stage. If you start off too fast and can't finish it will really knock your confidence.

I too slowed down as the weeks progressed for fear of not being able to keep up with the longer distances. Pacing yourself is a good thing, but isn't always easy to do when you are starting out...going with what you are comfortable with is the best way forward.

Speed can come after the 9 week are completed :)


If it is any comfort, my pace is probably exactly the same as yours. I ran 30 minutes yesterday, and finished only a tiny bit more than 3K. And my (very tall) partner can walk alongside me too. I am not too sure how to get faster, but am pleased to be running at all.


Someone somewhere else (a proper runner) :) said a good way to increase speed is to increase distance but at a slower pace? He said people new to running wouldn't get why, but it works? We'll see.

I'm finding I have slowed a lot too, in week one I was covering a total distance of 4k, today week 5 I didn't even reach 3k.


Thanks for the replies. I think I will just keep going at the pace I am comfortable with for now as it has worked so far.



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