It almost killed me! I was able to complete both 3 minute sections but neither one of the 5 minute ones. Mostly my fault as I was REALLY lazy during my vacation. I see week 4 as being one that I end up repeating, which I am ok with. No more being lazy! It totally messes with my progress


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  • Consistency is everything.

  • yeah, I had good intentions.....lol

  • Week 4 is when you start to get really stuck in. Just repeat it and get those legs used to longer time in running mode. You'll do it. I guarantee it. Your feeling of accomplishment will be awe inspiring!!

  • Thanks. I almost did the first 5 minutes, but just couldn't make it. I won't lie, afterwards I was thinking there was no way I could possibly be running an entire 5k by the end of the year (my goal), and that maybe I should change my goals to be by the end of NEXT year, and I was feeling down. I mentioned that to my doc at work and he gave me a pep talk about how far I have really come and I should quit thinking like that, and he was right. I feel better about it now. If I have to repeat this week, then I repeat it, and no more slacking off!

  • OK, what are you going to have to do to achieve completion of those 5 minute runs? Channel your inner oldfloss and slow down, slow down more and more until you have done it. Because you can do this, really you can.

    Good luck.

  • I truly can not go any slower, I am barely running as it is, my walking time is 22 mph and my running is 19,5 LOL. This time it was partially mental and partially not doing anything but walking at a fair for a week. no more! I learned that I can't do that and pick up where I left off

  • If you walk at 22 mph.......then there's no stopping you!!!!!

  • hmm. that is so wrong...I wish I could walk that fast LOL. how about a 22 minute mile LOL

  • But you really can do this - honestly you can. Just tell us when you have.

  • oh I will, I am very determined, but also realistic, so if it takes me longer than I want, I don't care, as long as I am making progress. I just know that a 7 day 'rest time' was about 5 days too long!

  • I started in January and graduated a coupld of weeks ago. It doesn't matter how long it takes.

  • yep I agree! And when I get frustrated I have to remind myself of how far I have come, which is hard for me sometimes, I need to get on the road to positive thinking more often!

  • Good for you Sheps!

  • You could be right, after 7 days I forget who I am, so maybe your legs forgot what they were there for!!! Good luck next time out

  • Hope you feel better about your next try :) Not sure how I feel about facing week 4 run 1 soon... 5 mins seems as huge to me right now ๐Ÿ˜จ oh well will see what happens โ˜บ๏ธ

  • It will be fine...if I can anyone can!!

  • It is difficult, if you have done no exercise at all, whilst on a break...some strength and flex and some stamina building up exercises could be useful now you are back :)

    You know how well you have done so far, so you know, that you are going to do this...:) Trey to just relax into the run, fins your pace and let those running legs take you through it...repeating the practice run you have had will be useful for showing you that you can still do this:)

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