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First post graduation run

I graduated on Saturday, finally pushing myself to run 5k - it took me longer than 30 mins so I'm going to be working on my speed for a while. I'm a teacher so currently on hols. My whole routine is out of whack except running! When I'm working, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are run days but whilst I've been off anything goes - as long as I run. I'm busy tomorrow so decided that this week it was back to Monday, Wednesday and then hopefully my first ParkRun on Saturday. I woke up at 8 and got ready to go, it's warm (I normally run early at about 5.30 when it's cooler). I realise that Laura isn't coming with me and I get my music set up and off I go on a familiar run, I know where I need to start running and stop running. I missed Laura and I might run with her sometimes but all in all I felt it went well. I can't believe that I have come this far - it is a brilliant feeling. The programme has really helped me to believe in myself and I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. My journey is similar to lots of other people on here, best running club ever!

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Well done you, enjoy your success, you deserve it!

I occasionally still take Laura out with me, I do a W9 run and if I'm feeling good I carry on running through the warm down and do my own warm down with my own music.

Good luck with your future runs ... happy running!


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