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Week 4 heading for R2

Managed to start week 4, and oh... it was tough! I didn't know I could run that much... first time in my life! Although I felt like collapsing on the last 5 minutes, with shaky legs, knees and feet that are still achy... I did it! and heading for the W4R2 today!

It's a must because I'm off to Bogotá, Colombia tonight and not sure I can manage to run this much over there because of the altitude, I'll slowly try to repeat week 3, and see if I can handle the change, otherwise stick with long walks. Any advice?

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Obviously the altitude will make a difference so just take it easy. Don't put yourself under any pressure to complete a certain run - mix it up and have some fun. Just put on some music/podcast/audiobook and see where it takes you. Run/walk it doesn't matter. When you get back the altitude training should make a difference to your running at home.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Thanks for the advice, and that's a great motivational thought... looking forward to the benefits upon my return!


SC1472 is right, don't necessarily follow the plan, but keep your hand in - well legs obviously. It all helps add to your stamina and experience bank. Enjoy Colombia


thanks!!! i will...

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