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Back to intervals...why so tough?

So after graduating 4 weeks ago and then running 3 x 5k's per week for 3 weeks, I decided to start the 'running for weight loss' programme today. After being used to running for 40 mins non stop, why did I find the interval running so hard...I only had to run 3 mins at a time which should have been easy peasy!

I'm wondering if I should stick with the new programme or also try to fit in a 5k?

I've decided my priorities from my running are in this order, to stay motivated, to lose weight (along with a healthy diet), to increase my distance and to run a bit faster.

Any advice please?

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Nothing like some stated aims to help with planning your running.

Staying motivated is best achieved by creating targets, long, medium and short term. These may be performance based, hitting a certain pace or distance or just an aim to run in beautiful new places. Many like to sign up for a race, which can provide focus. You should certainly try is inspirational, motivational and totally wonderful.

Running distances below 10k is not going to lose you a lot of weight, so stick with the healthy eating.

To increase distance most graduates continue to run three times per week, increasing the length of one run by no more than 10% of the weekly total. In my opinion, increasing your distance is one of the best ways to improve your speed, simply by getting more miles on your legs.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thank you. So the interval running v sticking with 5k's and increasing gradually?


There are no rules.

Intervals may ultimately make you faster, but only do them one session per week, because they are hard work. Maybe your other short run is an easy 5k, with your third run becoming your long run.

Variety is the key for development and long term staying power.


That sounds like a good plan. So glad you mentioned that intervals are difficult as I really struggled today 😀 Thank you


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