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Week 3 completed - avoiding Parkrun for now!

I had a few extra rest days between run 2 and run 3 this week as we have been away. Run 3 was definitely a bit harder today...partly because I went out a little later than usual this morning so I was running a route which is quite hilly. My usual, flatter, route takes me past the spot where the Parkrun for my town takes place and I wanted to avoid that for the time being! My son has previously volunteered at Parkrun, I know what a friendly and welcoming bunch everyone is and that it would be OK to do my C25K training runs there but I want to save Parkrun for my graduation. If I stay on track that should be mid - late September.

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At least you know what you're aiming for by seeing the route. And the mental prep is as useful as the physical. Good luck for your runs


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