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No Gremlins today!

As I have encouraged several of you to do Parkrun today I feel obliged to post about my run. I haven't seen my time yet so at the moment I'm feeling quite positive.

As usual I set off very slowly, Oldfloss on one shoulder and a few of you peeps on the other. For the first time the gremlins tripped themselves up at the start line and I didn't see them again.

I overtook one or two people and was overtaken by many. On the last lap I slowly overtook (think tractor overtaking tractor) a lady wearing the same leggings as me and we just about managed to acknowledge the fact!

I'm reluctant to say this out loud but I think today was probably my best Parkrun so far. I hope you other Parkrunners have had a good morning, I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Enjoy your rest day tomorrow ... and happy running!

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Well done whatever your time the effort was good. And overtaking a pair of matching leggings, well there's a new point scoring method.

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