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Countryside bingo - I win!


Leading on from old floss' post (not including the war faced runner) I thought I'd tell you about my run this morning, it struck me like one of those games you give the kids on a car journey of spotting the road signs.

I seem to speeding up a bit and my pace/breathing seems to be all over the place making me walk a few paces now and then (don't worry, I'm shifting from slower to slow😄). So to try to take my mind off that played a bit of i-spy.  I don't normally see many others due to going on bridleways and early in the morning.

Today was very exciting! Two dogs with their lovely responsible owners, (saw one again on the way back ) two tree surgeons, their van - totally blocking the bridleway - so I had to walk past 😄,  a farmer in his tractor, a mini digger and a mini dumper truck and three men from the water board and their van. (Funny how they just stand and watch you wobble your way past! Although they did say hello)   I actually overtook the tractor, mini digger and dumper truck - I don't care if their top speed is 5mph, it's a scalp and that's what counts! 😄  added to that its a beautiful morning, although cool here in Cambs, the bridleways are improving underfoot - the mud is receding!

I still walked now and again, but got just over 8k in an hour - I'm preparing for the Wings for life run in cambridge on 8th May and am hoping to get 10k under my belt before I'm 'caught'. (I'll be well chuffed with that)

So a happy run this morning, happy running all 😄


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Hi Madge - 8k in an hour is pretty impressive! Good luck with the "Wings for Life" event.

Madge50Graduate in reply to Katie204

Thanks Katie, it'll be a new experience that's for sure, apparently David Coulthard is driving the catcher car, slowly!


What a lovely run Madge😊

I would think running on bridleways would mean you have to go slowly. It must be tough going... on sand and muddy too. Not to mention the odd smelly roundabout i'm sure...😮

I have yet to take myself off pavement and lanes into the countryside whilst running, but know from walking  that those bridlepaths hold many  a pitfall...😊

Sounds fun though and if you and Oldfloss and many others can do it, maybe I should give it a try.. xx

Madge50Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan, have you read Rignolds post with the quote? I've been doing this 2 years, and now my feet and ankles do feel stronger - it takes a long time.  There are many an 'undulating' that's the fancy name for a right old challenge, rutted farm track, around....One of our local park runs goes through fields where cattle graze, that was a new obstacle, dodging the cow pats! 


OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Oh yes... you get out there on those track-ways! :)

Hi Madge, yes I did see Rignold's post it was good. 😊

Its only one year since I took up c25k so still need to build up strength.

That would be my worry, turning an ankle in the rutted bridlepath out in the sticks...

Madge50Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I've found its only recently that I've got the confidence to look up and ahead more  (and enjoy the scenery!)  when I go off road, rather than looking at the ground, you'll get there, I'm all for the 'slow and steady' mantra 😄



Morning Made.   That sounds like a lovely run. I'spy will certainly make the run more interesting and go quicker 😊 I had a a rail track guy running alongside me on Monday. He was very smiley, which made me smile too.  Every little 'elps 😊

No run for me today but I have done 5k with the dog.  More later ☺

Madge50Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks missw, the best bit was finding the bridleway in a fairly good state, lovely to finally see it improving and the farmers have been out trying to improve them by laying more gravel/soil.  I found this route a few months ago, it's only now becoming 'runnable' 😄



Are we playing for a line or a full house Madge ? Ha ha !

Oooh I used to love a game of Bingo at our local social club back in the day. Coupla games of bingo, then pie and peas ( Hot Pork pie, Mushy peas and Mint Sauce - Gorgeous ! )

Sounds like a lovely run and get you Missus with your 8K !

Well done Madge , fab post ! :-) xxx

Madge50Graduate in reply to poppypug

That's at least a line I think, 😄 Oh I love bingo too! It's like colouring books, they should make more of those bingo games for us older 'kids', 😄



Super post.. I love it... :)

I am so jealous of you seeing the dumper truck..let alone overtaking it... I so wanted a toy one when I was small!

You do see loads and loads of things.. but can still enjoy your run.

Your run sounds beautiful.. I ran this morning, just before was blinkin' freezing!

Madge50Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I really enjoy the random thoughts I get when I spot something, then I've totally forgotten it by the time I get back 😄, i often wonder what people think when they see me, like the doll on the music box song in chitty chatty bang bang, 'what do you see, you people looking at me....'   Especially if I'm going past a bus stop, warm and toasty, jacket off,  and the bods are all huddled in their winter coats 😄


OldflossAdministrator in reply to Madge50

Trouble is I don't forget things.. stuff stays with me..not always good, but mostly! :)


Hey Madge, that sounds great - your running route sounds very busy. I rarely see anyone at all - mind you, I like that because it means I don't have an audience. Funny how we can always run with great style and speed when someone is watching - only to collapse into a sweaty, panting heap around the corner!

Madge50Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks Ully, yes it was busy today, there aren't usually that many people and vehicles on the bridle path/farm fields!


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