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W1R1 done!

I've been thinking about getting healthier for a while now, but always come up with an excuse as to why I can't start right now.

This morning I realised that if I don't just start, I never will. So dug out an old t-shirt and some trainers, and just did it. It was hard, and the thought of running for 30 minutes in a little over 2 months is pretty terrifying. But I'm so happy I finished! I just need to keep it up now.

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Really well done. It is daunting looking at the schedule ahead. Just take one run at a time, the plan really does work. It's hard work, no doubt, but loads of fun too. Good luck and keep us updated.


Well done you. That's the hardest bit. Don't worry about 2 months time, that will come and you will surprise yourself. Just stick to the program and it will just happen. And we're all here to cheer you along. Happy running!! 😃


I would really encourage you to read the posts that graduates put here when they were starting off also :)

This is a programme for those of us who took the first step before we even knew it - realising we were NOT "runners" but wanting to be runners despite our own disbelief we ever could be. :)

I am continuously overcome with a sense of almost awe on my runs. It somehow is hard to believe that I can run more than a hundred yards or so - yet it I do :)

If anyone had told me when I started that nowadays a two or three mile run is FAR more attainable by me than those day one runs were, well I would think they were swivel eyed fanatics :)

But that is the truth. I went from turning blue in the face - blue, literally and having to stop a passer by from calling an Ambulance - to where I regularly and happily knock off 5ks around that same Park now :)

Take it slow and steady and at your own pace. Forget about "5k in 9 weeks" because hardly anyone does it. It's a snappy name for the programme that's all :)

But it's no gimmick - if you use the programme for structure without forcing yourself to fit it rather than adapting it to you - I assure you that sooner than you think you will have the "Graduate" badgebeside your name here :)

And do run with us here! Oodles of support motivation and advice and a lot of laughs to. We may run on our own, but 'round this way we never run alone :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)


Well done for doing the hardest run- the first one!

Keep posting here as it does help.

Don't look ahead just one run at a time.

Make sure you take your rest days.

Take the advice of Oldfloss - slow & steady

Make sure you do stretches and keep hydrated.

Then before you know it.........

Good luck with the next run :)


Well done! Go slow and steady and you'll do great. Just take it one run at a time and listen to your body. You can do this! Good luck.


Hi and welcome... very well done you!

Slow and steady, follow the programme, take your rest days and listen to your body.... ( and us) :)

Not sure if you are a he or she... ? If, a she, then a great running bra is both useful and essential...:) Also, decent running shoes too, if he or she:) They are our biggest asset ! ( Next to you.... :)


Thanks, Oldfloss! I was definitely slow and steady today!

I'm a she :) and you must have read my mind! even though I had a sports bra on, I think I needed to have a bit more strapping for the ladies!! :)


Oh yes.... bouncing boobs are not a look and very ouchie afterwards!!!

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