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Phew !

Well that was tough really struggled with this one, but I have felt very tired this week but couldn't bear the thought of not doing it and having to try again on Sunday. Knees feel sore but a days rest should see them right. I really can't believe I've managed to run for 25 mins! Quite amazing. Maybe ice for knees as apart from week one this is the only time they've been really painful but hey ho no pain no gain!

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ooh Rowville, two things to say blooming well done you, but please be careful of pain. I think the mantra is ache is okay but pain no way. So please take care of those knees, because they will be bending to put you on that graduation podium


Stretch well, roll if need be.. warm up well too... aches are one thing... pain is another.. never run through pain...

Well done you though, keep it slow and steady!


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