Why 9am?

Looked to see if there was a Parkrun nearby (sure there would be in the park where I "run"). Why 9am? No point pretending I am not going to get up and run in the morning:(


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97 Replies

  • As the perfect set up for the weekend.

    Any later would eat into the day.

    Any earlier would mean starting in the dark in the winter.

  • but I don't get up until 10am normally ( I got to sleep about 2 - 3 am). I can't even get up for morning swims without a massive push.

  • Do you go to bed late because of work?

  • See reply below but consider - I go to bed at a normal time - others go to bed early!

  • If parkrun started any later on a Saturday it would probably be too much of an inconvenience for non-parkrunners who want to use the park.

    Why not try it? Just once. You might like it!

  • Really no point pretending. I cant manage a morning swim unless really special occasion or last few weeks of training for a big swim and even then it is a push.

  • Running is different to swimming, at least in my experience - it's a lot simpler to get ready and out of the door. But anyway, why couldn't the parkrun be one of those special occasions? If you don't mind me asking, what is so difficult?

    I hate to nag, but you posted about it :)

  • It is nearer that is the only advantage. The getting ready is otherwise the same and swimming doesn't hurt!

    The Race for Life in September will have to be a special occasion as it is at 11am.

    Perhaps I can do in the lead up to that.

    As to why so difficult, I usually get up about 10am and never out of the house before mid-day ( I go to sleep about 2 -3 am). After I retired but did locums, the shifts I did were 4pm - 2am and so that is about where my body clock is set. If I do an early swim, I am useless the rest of the day and usually fall asleep mid afternoon.

  • You can change your body clock... I did it when I retired...took a while but it can be done.:)

    Like everything on here, slow and steady is the way :)

  • Um why? Apart from doing the parkrun of course. Then I'd miss the night stuff too.

  • Because then you could manage early stuff?

  • True. But not late stuff. Well life is a compromise. I was also a member of The London Vampire Group in my (not so much) youth!

  • You do what is right for you...:)

    I love these threads, it gets us all thinking. and re-awakens things for some of us too, in a good way..:)

    It is brilliant that we are all so different and have so much to offer to each other...!

  • I feel I opened a can of worms! Mind you someone is bound to like worms (actually they are good for the garden) :)

  • Not at all.. this is just interest really... and all about different perspectives... I like worms..I like gardening too...:)

    The threads I really dislike, and do, sometimes find disturbing are where folk are contentious just to be nasty or unpleasant...and then they usually just vanish from the forum, when they don't get the response they want..

  • As the wife of a man who used to work nights, I know there a lot of people that simply don't realise Actual Stuff happens when they are asleep themselves 🙂

  • Hmmm, that is tricky, and sorry to hear about your struggles :(

    I expect that running will get less painful as you become a fitter runner. I don't know much about body clocks, but maybe you could train yourself back to more sociable hours? If you want to, of course! Although I wonder if your health might be suffering from lack of daylight.

    Sorry, I don't mean to be a pain...

    Good luck with C25K and the Race for Life - hope you enjoy it!


  • I think my hours are sociable, depends who you socialise with:)

    I get plenty of daylight!

    I was persuaded to do the Race for Life and I was unable to walk 5km when I signed up. Swim yes, walk no - I had tried 2.5km which took nearly an hour and was exhausted and ached a lot. Actually ran 2.6km (according to map my run) yesterday and that's in 25mins, so a massive improvement thanks to this programme (I have to do hills yet though - none of those while swimming lol).

  • You're doing brilliantly.

    Have you tried Swimathon? I did a few years ago, it was lots of fun!

  • I did a swimathon in 2002 (aged 41) in 45mins 15 sec, my second was in 2012 and took 52 mins (I thought an increase in 7 mins 10 years later quite good)

    Last year (aged 55) I started open water swimming and did The Wales swim ( 3.9km in Tenby - same as the Welsh Ironman course) in just under 2 hours.

    This year did The Henley club to pub, 1.5kn in 33 mins 49 sec (aim was 40 - 45mins) and then a week later (2 weeks ago) The Wales Esturary swim but the course was changed due to high winds, still was tough 1.6 - 2km swim.

    So think fitness OK, just not got my proper running legs yet!

  • Awesome!

    Yes, what I meant by running fitness.

  • Loads of great info on changing the Circadian rhythm.. it is fascinating... the Michael Mosley programme on sleep and the Body Clock Challenge are fascinating,especially re-heath issues..)

    All personal choice though as you say :)

  • PS it is a big park. The British Military Fitness guys are there in the evenings and there is still space.

  • parkrun is a nationwide organisation, they have to have the same rules for every run!

  • OK think I get that

  • And for the volunteers....im sure they would like some of the weekend to themselves🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

  • Ok agree that most people think that that means doing in the morning. Logically whatever hour it is done there are still 23 others in the day. I am clearly odd.

  • You should set up a nightrun :)

  • Not at all! I get up at 6 for work and can't face getting up earlier to run on weekdays so I go out in the evenings.

    Weekends (although I'm sure many will tell me I shouldn't) I like to stay in bed until around 9am and spend until around 11 in my dressing gown - just because it's MY weekend and I can!

    I too see 9am on a Saturday as unsociable hours, if for different reasons!

  • Nikki, parkrun is not like going for a swim. It is an inclusive, joyful celebration of running for like minded all comers of all abilities........ totally unlike anything that I have ever experienced. I reckon if you tried it once, then you would want to do it again even if that were not on a weekly basis.

  • Ummm but I like swimming (it doesn't hurt). I have open a can of worms here!

  • Not at all! Parkrun is for all as Tim says, but perhaps not for everyone. You are excused as long as you keep running anyway 😀 But you never know, you may love it if you try it just once👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Park run is great but it's not compulsory! Whatever time they run won't suit some people. I would prefer an 8am start time. Partner says she would volunteer if it started at 10 but no way is she getting up in time for 9. Have discovered up here in Scotland they start at 9.30, presumably because of dark winter mornings.

    Like everything else with running it's about finding what works for you.

  • It sounded what most people liked and I'm not sure of the alternatives. I'm sort of looking for something between graduation (I'm on week 7) and the Race for Life (end of September).

  • Yes that how do I keep going post graduation is tricky. I haven't managed 3 runs in a week since week 9 but determined not to give up. Going to try couch to 5k+ podcasts after a few more weeks running 30 minutes on my own. There are lots of running clubs that run evenings. I also see people on local social media apps setting up their own groups to run together.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Hi nikkiwabit yes, you may have opened up a "bag of worms" here, but I like it and it has entertained me for a while, so thank you! I am in the "I love Parkrun" camp too ..... BUT BUT before you now 'turn off' I'm also a bit of a night owl. Not quite as much as you, but most people I know go to bed earlier than I do. What I have done is join a local running club, I did that part-way through the C25K programme. The folks are really friendly and supportive, very sociable too. They ran a Beginners Course for 12 weeks and I joined in with that to start with. The club nights would suit you a treat, we meet at 7:15 pm on Mondays/Wednesdays & Fridays and I mix/match according to what else I'm doing. I love the sound of your open water swimming but even though I'm a reasonable swimmer I expect I'd drown. Everyone to their own... I prefer (believe it or not!) to fit in at least one core workout session in the gym. Maybe there is a local running club near you?

  • Yes that sort of running club would fit nicely. I looked at parkrun because despite what Laura told me, I don't think I am quite a proper runner yet.

  • I at first thought they were early, but after doing a few found that it was that bad, running stuff laid out the night before. Get up dressed and out. It was a great start to a Saturday and meant I was home early enough to get home and showered and able to go to anything else that was happening that day.

    It is also a fairly social run, found that despite finishing at 9:45 it was often nearly 10:30 when I was leaving the park.

    If it started after midday (after you get up) I wouldn't have been home until after lunch time. There goes my day off with the family.

  • I see it suits many but if most of "your day" normally starts at after lunchtime.......

  • PS you said was that bad, not wasnt that bad lol

  • In the summer I wish they were earlier than 9am as I can't handle heat (although the heat has disappeared now)!

  • Its cooler in the evenings too

  • Stay up late and do Parkrun just before you go to bed? (Tongue in cheek - my habits are the other way round from years of getting up at 5am to start a long commute).

  • That is a reasonable suggestion!

  • It sounds like parkrun is out, how about a running club that holds evening meetings, or get a training plan for the race 4 life, maybe this structure will replace c25k.

  • I was thinking exactly the same. Since joining a running club I run in the evenings more, often getting home for dinner at 10pm or later. And it provides the same sort of structure as regularly doing parkrun. Lots of interclub events seem to be evening-based too. A whole world of evening running has opened up for me this year...

  • I think I must look for one but will have to be nice to those that are overtaken by toddlers!

  • Ours has a policy of "no one gets left behind" and is very inclusive. I've found I've graduated from the very slowest to somewhere in the slowest 25%. Having started with major asthma issues etc :( And I've made lots of friends along the way. From what I've heard it's the same at most running clubs. You can normally go for a trial session to see if you like it before fully signing up. So definitely worth a try :)

  • ty

  • I think I do need structure to keep running, well I have 2 and a bit weeks to find something.

  • Hi again nikkiwabit ... sorry, I've replied once before in this thread but just had a big co-incidence. I use a service called "Moodscope" to help with my anxiety and depression and it sends me a daily motivational email. Today's was all about people and their behaviour patterns. Copy and paste this link into your browser (sorry don't know how to paste a live link here in this forum) and do the test, it's fun: thepowerofwhenquiz.com/

  • Thank you

    This blog turns URLs into a link automatically.

    Took the test, listened to half the blurb. Of course I can say "oh yes that is me" but they use the same technique as horoscopes. Also I say so what I am a wolf! Good job we are not all the same.

    btw I also avoid "psychy" stuff - it depresses me and I mean that medically. But ty anyway - glad it works for you.

  • Turns out I'm a bear 🐻 who knew?

  • Me too. Did I hear him say the other options were dolphins and wolves? If so, I'm happy I'm a bear!

  • I'm afraid I lost interest quite quickly

    Bears are probably like that!

  • Yes, he certainly lost me before the "pre order my book" line. I think we are who are and while we might have more bear than dolphin answers no one fits boxes precisely and we should stop trying to make them do so. I reserve the right to be a bit of everything....and ask for pay rises when I want, not when he tells me to!

  • Well I'm a wolf! I agree & I'll not be buying his book ... I included the link because of the coincidence with this thread and an email to me this from a medical support site I use & like I said at the beginning I thought it was fun! I'm glad that even though I'm a wolf I can get out to do a Parkrun at 9 on a Saturday ... it's my favourite way of starting a weekend.

  • so did this wolf

  • I do hope you are not suggesting that this is not a valid and reliable taxonomy of human psychological functioning, with good predictive powers.....

  • sounds like you did listen to him and you have better recall than me! As an engineer (without a psychology doctorate) I did have a fleeting image of a large quantity of spherical objects. The quiz was fun though!

  • Fun indeed David. I do like these sorts of things, even if I am a bit sniffy :)

  • Nikki you could do the parkrun course once a week, but outside of PR times maybe? Known as Freedom runs! If you register for PR i believe you can record these and your times..... i confess I havnt recorded those Freedom runs I have done so not sure of the process im afraid.

  • Ty I will look into it. I have a couple of weeks to sort something a bit structured at the end of C25k ( note to self - you are not wondering if you can do it anymore )

  • no of course it won't change for me. However this post has led to some people giving me other ideas - so that's good.

  • You could try Great Run Local greatrunlocal.org. I discovered them by chance when I was walking at a local beach. Their events seem to have different start times, depending on venue - 9:30am in one place, 6:30pm somewhere else.

  • The park where our local parkrun is also does open water swimming........so, you could do an open water swim then parkrun (many do, and cycle there and back.....) unfortunately the swim would have to be early.......very early....by your clock......🤔

    Never mind, it would be great if you could experience parkrun sometime, horses for courses 😄


  • I did say before that my aim was my first triathlon aged 60 (would have to get up early for that but = special occasion). I wish I could swim in the boating lake/duck pond in the park near me (very near me) but might swim more than run then. The reservoir I swim in does have a running course but they are very much triathletes there! That is 2.k away so in theory I could run there.

  • You are amazing. For one thing, based on your profile picture ( very small, I know!) and previous posts, I had you down for someone 20+ years younger than you are. And for another, anyone who voluntarily spends in excess of two hours up to their neck in cold water, not just once but goes back again, is definitely to be admired, I can't think of anything I would detest more.

    So, I don't care what time you get up or go to bed, I love that we are all different and can admire others without having to simulate. I have no intention of getting wet (at any time of the day or night, except in the bathroom) and you don't have to want to do PR.

    I do think there is a cultural tendency to see early birds as "better, more conscientious " than night owls which is very unfair.... And just as irrational, and unnnecessary as predudice against left handers, those with regional accents and those who chose a life partner but re-ordered the prescribed 'engagement, marriage, house, kids' recipe we were expected to follow. Thankfully they are no longer 'turned' at school, excluded from broadcasting or shunned socially (although childless friends of mine might disagree!)

    🦉Maybe one day, we will all appreciate the night owls more, but for now, I just think all that yucky swimming earns you the right to sleep until lunch time if you chose😋

    Thanks for being you, and sharing👏🏼🌟

  • I'm not a night owl but I do fit into the regional accent group. When I visit my daughter in London I often have to repeat what I ask in restaurants, talking more slowly. Heck, I'm not that far North, we live in the Midlands for goodness sake. When we went to a Rugby match in beautiful Bath ( that's Barth not Bath remember!), a local guy in the crowd said to me " Yours will be a Boddingtons will it?" I told him, seeing as he was offering, a double G &T would do very nicely thanks!

  • My only suggestion to you, is move abroad! I grew up in Yorkshire, my Dad's family from Stamford Bridge(near York, not the Chelsea ground!!) and my husband from Liverpool.

    While we worked in Somerset, he got no end of (light hearted?) thieving Scouser abuse and I'd get the Boddingtons jokes.

    We moved to Canada and i could retire tomorrow if I had a dollar for every time someone said to either of us "oh what a lovely accent, I could listen to you all night!!"

  • Initially my East London/Essex accent was almost frowned on in my profession. Then I worked in Essex and the "you don't sound like a doctor" became a compliment rather than a complaint. Sound obvious but took me years to realise that would happen.

  • I used to have a Newfoundland who went to the vets in Stamford Bridge (about 5 miles from my home in God's own Country) due to her unusual (and very expensive) health problems....small world :)

  • A couple of years ago I was at our cabin in late August, alone, outside when in the corner of my eye, I saw something come round the corner of the cabin. I turned, thought ' a newfie. I wonder where Sue is', my friend has one you see. I watched the corner expecting a human to appear, but no. I looked back at the glossy coated, galumphing animal and it dawned on me. That's no dog, that's a bear. By this time it was about ten feet from me, coming my way. I moved swiftly up the steps to the deck, in through the open sliding patio door and closed it. When I turned around, it was standing where I had been, sniffing the black bin sack I was filling with (non food) rubbish. Yikes! It meandered off again a few minutes later into the forest, the only black bear I've seen close up in 17 years here.

    Ps I got married in the church at Stamford, small world indeed. You in Low Catton? Long Sutton?

  • What a story! And turns out you were a bear all along 🐻

    Sounds amazing where you live. Don't want to locate myself to precisely but over the A64🏃‍♀️

  • Gotcha. It's pretty amazing where you live too, as I remember!

  • Gotcha. It's pretty amazing where you live too as I remember!

  • Is that before or after you started running?

  • Before!🏃🏼‍♀️🐻

  • Ty for that. Yes the picture is small :p

  • The other thing to remember is, it's all relative. I go to bed at the same time as you...I'm just 3.5hours behind UK time here in Newfoundland! As Irish-John says " with this forum, you by be on your own, but you are never alone!

  • Like it. My brother lives in Australia and works as cabin crew. He has no "normal hours". Perhaps it is genetic!

  • Parkrun is global. Assuming they all start at 9am local time(I know there are variations), if you could buddy up with someone, somewhere who is running at the same time that suits you, then there must be some way, with modern technology, that you could accompany each other.

    You could run parkruns worldwide without ever leaving your local routes.

  • I know what you mean but you get it out of the way and can feel smug all weekend.

  • I am only an early riser because unlike my retired Dear Husband, I still have to be up for work and have dogs to walk. I would be getting up later and retiring to bed later if I had a choice!!!

    Consequently I tend to run in the evenings. And because I am an increasingly grumpy, middle aged woman who works with people all day, I don't want to be a social runner. I like to bumble along by myself and frankly, (ducks behind sofa to avoid flying objects), the thought of a Park Run horrifies me. Just the thought of having to be up and about early on a weekend just to go for a run with all those people is enough to put me off. Factor in the horrors of recording run times, excesses of Lycra and planned, marshalled routes and I can confirm I will never be there. But, I do want to carry on running now I am a "Graduate" so I am planning on doing 3 runs a week and initially following the step-up runs in my own way.

    But, I'm happy to be a virtual running buddy to you if that will help you stay motivated. No 8.30 starts for a 9am run, no time to beat, no pressure; just an encouraging post to keep us (and any other interested people) getting out there for a spot of exercise.

  • I may take you up on that - I have 2 and a bit weeks to graduation (Maybe 3 as my weeks are about 9 days long). I'll let you know my post grad plans :)

  • Parkrun is 930 am in Scotland. That half hour makes all the difference , I can stay in bed till 730 which is a lie in!

  • Haha, I was just about to say that! I think Scotland is one of the only places where it doesn't start at 9am for safety reasons.

  • 9:30 not quite enough reason to move to Scotland but the lochs are tempting :)

  • I really don't like running when it's even remotely hot. Has to be really early or really late for me if it's a 'warm' day (and I would consider this morning's 17 degrees to be warm...)

    The Race for Life was at 11am on a scorching day and I'd already finished my water during the warm up. It was horrid!

  • me neither! and of course 17 is warm. I look at the weather forecast and have found that I look at wind speed the most. My race for life is and of September so hopefully......

  • Feel your pain lol. I'm not a morning person either. My problem is the park runs are a Saturday and I work every Saturday 😕

  • Yes an additional problem/question.

  • You could have half an hour more in bed if you were to Parkrun in Ireland.....the journey might eat into your day though......

    Spare a thought for those of us without a local run - I've a 35 minute + journey to get to my nearest & that's if the traffic is kind - then I have to find somewhere to park......🚘🏃🏻‍♀️🐒

  • I think that might mean a even earlier start lo.

    Oo 35+ mins to get there, yes that's some dedication in the morning.

  • Now I am more frustrated! After extensive research :p I thought I had found it "Lazy Girl Running". Absolute beginners on-wards - tick. Finsbury Park - tick. 7pm - tick :) on Thursdays - my main swim evening - drat!

    Still looking

  • Have you tried looking on runtogether.co.uk? They have lots of groups listed & you might find one there!

  • Thank you I will have a look at that

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