Why do I build pedestals high up into clouds aware that I will lose balance and fall before even reaching the top? Why, time and again, do I promise myself the long term unachievable? Am I a fool? An idiot? Why is there yet another empty peanut butter jar by the sink with a spoon in it? Why do the numerous 'I'm 101, have lost 20 stones and can now run 20k in under 15 mins' Lazarus characters fill me with self-loathing rather than inspiration? Which particular bit of the C25K title gave me the impression that to run 5k was a possibility? Why do I sodding care?


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  • Oh Dozzer. Have you lost "it"? You sound really down.

    Look, you've done this once before. So, evidence suggests you can do it again.

    Get your togs on, open the door and breathe in that lovely fresh air, then take a first step. See, easy peasy!

    As to your question of why the peanut butter jar is empty, it's because you sodding ate it!

  • Everybody's got to have a dream. Sometimes dreams come true. Stop buying peanut butter. No one can run 20k in under 15mins. You care because you know you can do it really. Stop wallowing, start running....and SMILE !!!

  • To quote Captain Sensible, singing South Pacific:

    " You've got to have a Dream,

    If you don't have a dream,

    How you gonna have a dream come true?"

  • 'Look into my eyes - go and do it'! Nothing is unachievable - people live beyond 101, people lose 20 stones (although often after quitting this life) and we move far faster than 20 k in 15 mins just by sitting on this fast spinning earth. You are filled with self loathing because you are not doing what you actually want to be doing because our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. Personally I would blame the peanut butter disappearing mystery on the dormice put on the togs and go out and become the hero that you are...

  • Fabulous!

  • Dozz my little old darlin, you're really not happy today are you. Fear not, Sweetiepie, we are here for you. Almost everyone has had fallen off the running wagon at some point or another. We've all eaten that big bar of chocolate, that packet of biscuits, drunk that bottle of wine (sometimes we've done all 3 in the same evening.) We are all small, imperfect, fragile human beings, trying to do our best in this big, wide, scary, wonderful world. When it all goes pear shaped (as it inevitably does at some point in our lives) all you, or I, or anyone can do is follow the advice in the old song lyrics and 'Pick yourself up, Dust yourself down, and start all over again.'

    A few weeks ago on this forum you did something amazing. You got 50+ people doing their own individual triathlons and donating money to their favourite charity. You are a very special (IANPW) person. We've missed you and no one, that's no one, is judging you except yourself. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. TurnTurtle and I are back at W4 again, so get your running togs on and come and join us m'dear. You know deep down you want to. xxx

  • What they said Dozz... I can't even run 5 metres yet... :)

    But we ain't leaving a man (or a lady) down... pick yeself up and we'll be here to cheer you on (well I will be - I have no choice right now!)... :)

  • Any peanut butter left? Just asking. Mine has all gone. Dunno where [looks skywards and whistles a non-tune to no-one in particular].

  • Just for you Sweetie. Can't argue with Fred and Ginger! ;)


  • Allez, en route....

    A nice little run, intervals if need be. Need not be a long one or a fast one, but THE COUCH NEEDS A REST!!!!!!!

    Alors, debout et on y va.

  • Aw come on Dozz. It won't always be dark at six!

    I eat peanut butter but it doesn't make me a bad person

    As has already been said, stop wallowing and get cracking! No quitters allowed!

  • Pinto here. Two downer comments above, the rest have moved AA from the floor in the stable yard. If I can get a transfer I'll take him with me. I demand Stable Lad! My demands will be met!

  • you can do it Dozzer, you just need to believe in yourself, everyone here has missed you and care about how you are, so hope you can jump back onto our special bandwagon and keep on moving, there is no time/speed/ distance expectations to stick to, just do it at your own pace :) everyone is different, and you have inspired much in other people :)

  • Dosser, I don't really understand what's going on here but there are such lovely (if a little nutty) replies above. Glad you are backish. Just wish I knew what was going on. It's late I'm tired or I may just be slowing up mentally, but if you are starting out again, so am I. Would be glad of the company.

    Nos da for now.

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