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Week 7 and struggling

Have managed with a few false starts to get to Week 7, however seem to be struggling with running for 25 minutes and only managing 2 miles in distance. Doing a 5k race in 2 weeks and don't think I'm going to manage it at the moment! Don't think that the dark, damp and cold evenings are helping though.

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Just take it nice and steady and you'll get through it ok and when it comes to your 5k run a bit walk a bit and you'll do it.

Just remember slow and steady don't be trying to hard


Don't be so hard on yourself - even with the 5k race, it's not about winning, go to enjoy it & if that means walking or slow paces jogging while taking in everything around you that might be just as fun, even better than being out of breathe hating every minute!

Slow the pace down that's the biggest thing I've learned so far! Good luck with it


Yes, remember slow and steady is the way that will lead you anywhere ;-) I found W7 very tough as well: probably was trying to run too quick and forgot that my body was adjusting itself along the way, getting used to running longer 3 times a week with no pause, something it never had done before!

Keep on running slower and you'll see that the next runs will feel easier.


Oh oh, wicked week 7 - I hated it!! Week 8 was SO much better- can't explain why- I probably had got over the shock!

Slow right down & all will be well! 😄


Hi Vicki, just running now, so start really slowly, relax into it and keep going. You can do this...here is a link which may help you


Good luck😊x


I'm on Wk7 also.

I found the first run very hard, and have to stop and walk for a bit (I did pause the podcast!) I did run 3 yesterday and found it easier, changed my route slightly made it a bit more interesting. As others have said its all about pace, i start getting into my stride round about 10 minutes in, my muscles warm up and my breathing steadies. I try not to go too fast in the first five minutes or so ,and if I do start to feel tired slow down. I'm carrying on with wk7 for 2 more runs. Good luck with the 5k. You'll probably find running with others will spur you on.


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