After sickness where should you pick up from?

A few weeks ago I managed my first 20 minute run and I was over the moon, shouting it to anyone that came into contact! However, since then I got poorly, not major just a cold but it wiped me off my feet and I struggled looking after 3 year old so running was not an option. I'm starting to get better (just snotty now) and I've started running (if you can call it that) but I'm not sure where I should have picked up from. I stayed on the 20 minute run but have yet to manage it. Longest I can seem to manage is 10 minutes then a walk and then another 5 minute run. Should I go back a couple of weeks or just stick to the what I'm doing?

Any guidance/advice would be appreciated, am new to this and just wanted opinions.

Thanks xx


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  • I had an enforced break. I suggest you take up from where you left off but go carefully and listen to your body. My logic is, if you can't manage it, it will give you an idea of how much you can do and so then you can find the run nearest to it and go from there. I admit despite the enforced running break (days away, minor op and food poisoning!) I was still swimming, so the fitness was kept up - legs felt like lead mind.

    So see what some of the others say too and get a consensus.

  • Nikki makes so much sense here, don't beat yourself up on the loss of time running. You've been battered a bit healthwise, no run is a wasted run, it all adds to your stamina bank when you graduate.

  • I think i would go back to w6 r1. You should do that just fine from what you say. That will help rebuild your confidence and get you back on to a plan. If you complete a run move on to the next. But if you dont quite complete the run dont be afraid to repeat it. Every run builds stamina and running legs.

    Take things slowly until you are fully fit, if you need extra rest days take them. You have done the hard work of getting back out there, you are a runner. Enjoy!

  • Just did my run for the weekend and managed 13.5 minutes to start and then walked for a couple of minutes and then only managed another 1 minute. Coughing fit and legs went to lead.

    Next run planned for Tuesday morning and think I'm going to do as you suggested, jacs-w, as I think confidence has been hit slightly too. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks xx

  • Where you left off and see how you go, slowly!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I'm an absolute newbie ( truly - only done 4 weeks & that's been a challenge!), but would definitely say that this has to work within your life, kids,colds n'all in order to be do-able. Otherwise if it were me, I'd just get miserable about it.

    So I'd say go back to where you comfortable though still stretched & go for it! :-)

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